SFL Communications
September 9, 2019
This past week, the Competition Committee was asked by the SFL Ownership Group to rule on a change to the recent decision to allow up to three new users join teams in a non-contract role this season. This decision was made with the expectation of stopping the signings at the normal roster lock after the Week 8 games. However, in light of the recent surge of new users joining the league, team owners wanted to give more people the chance to see their player on the field and getting a taste of what it’s like to have a player in the SFL and being a part of a team.
The Committee was asked to allow signings until after the Week 11 games, so that each new user that signs will get the chance to play at least one game before the end of the regular season. With a vote of 4-1, exceeding the needed three votes for approval, the Committee approved the extension of signings until after the Week 11 games, but added an additional requirement to the signings.
The new users must be signed to a position that is included in at least one defensive formation in the playbook or will receive carries/targets on offense. They may also be signed as kickers, punters, or returners on Special Teams. The Committee felt this caveat was needed to ensure those that were signing would be more likely to see their player on the field and having their name called in the game. With this decision, signings of new users to non-contract positions on teams will continue through the Week 11 games. Look for more signings to be announced next Thursday and Friday and be on the lookout for any teams that are looking to add more players to their ranks to #makeanimpact!