Tom Ramen, Beat Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Tom Ramen, back again with another thrilling rookie interview! Today we head north of the border to meet with one of the newest rookies to be signed to a contract in Vancouver – Doug Day.

Doug Day in his first game against the London Knights

TR: Doug, first I want to know how you found us here at the Simulation Football League, and how your experience has been so far.

DD: I was searching online for different football simulation games, and just happen to see a Simulation Football League game broadcast. I was seriously intrigued, so I followed the instructions. Website, Discord, and so on… once I joined, it was an amazing feeling to be welcomed so openly. Then I came across “Captain Canada” [EDITOR’S NOTE: Tom Pepper, quarterback, Vancouver Legion], and we started chatting. I had to step away for a couple of weeks to organize my finances in order to play. Once that was done, I came back. I talked to Andy Hamilton when I arrived the first time, and then again when I returned, and he signed me.

TR: Interesting! Where did you happen to see the game streaming? We have had quite a few content delivery methods this year and I’d like to know where you first saw the Simulation Football League. On another tack, one of the things the SFL prides itself on is having a strong core of members that are welcoming and love teaching new users the ins and outs of the league. So, it was Tom Pepper that intrigued you the most and drew you in to Vancouver?

DD: I believe it was actually a YouTube Broadcast. After that, I started watching past games, then the documentary and I was extremely intrigued. My real life job is to inspire young people and prepare them for their future, so if I am able to be there and mentor to new players, I am there!!! When I first started chatting Pepper and [Baltimore Vultures owner] tjcagsfl were very welcoming, and that helped me open up, chat more, and learn as much as I could. My owner, Andy Hamilton, was even more helpful with my transition, even though I probably drove him crazy with my questions. Being new, and excited to play and get on the field, I jumped at signing with Vancouver. They have all been very awesome. If I could give rookies one word of advice that I received, it would be just be patient.

TR: You quickly become part of the regular cast of characters in league chat. Tell us how your experience has been in the Vancouver Legion locker room.

DD: When I first joined the Locker Room, I received nothing but warm welcomes, and encouragement. These guys are light hearted and funny, but when it is game time, it’s game time. We pump each other up, and root for each other to succeed.

TR: That is awesome to hear, and speaking of game time, I caught your first game in the Simulation Football League and it was amazing. All capped off by a pick 6 which had to feel amazing. How did it feel watching your player run that ball into the endzone and did you imagine your first game would go down like that?

DD: Honestly it was a bitter sweet experience. I was fired up when it happened, but then I thought, “well, gonna be hard to top that”. Then, I started to see EVERYBODY in chat, Twitch and general chat congratulating me. That part was amazing. I love each and every one of these people in this league. I’m saying it again, a big thank you to Cameron Irvine for doing this. I really needed this in my life!

TR: You mentioned that your job is to inspire young people and prepare them for their future, it sounds like you are a counselor of some sort. Can you tell us anything else about yourself, what kind of hobbies you have, what you do for fun, what is a day in the life like for the real Doug Day?

DD: I have worked for17 years at Job Corps. I work in the Social Development department, where we work with the students, who live ON Campus. We have social skills meetings that we hope they take to heart, and prepare themselves for the real world. The real Doug Day loves sports, my wife, and my kitties. We go to the movies, love to travel when we can, and I really love to meet new people from all over. I love to cook, bake and make people laugh, I am a regular jokester. I make my wife laugh all the time. I also do goofy stuff that I call “me being me:….I pour tea, return to my seat to watch tv, and realize, tea is STILL in kitchen…lol…Me Being Me!

TR: Doug you sure sound like a fun guy to be around. Let’s talk about your future in the SFL, what do you hope to accomplish in the league, are you the type of player that wants to break records, land in the fall of fame, maybe own your own team some day?

DD: Never really thought about it until I heard the way people were talking about the greats… Then I realized, I aspire to be one of those. Be it, QB, RB, WR or wherever. Yes, the Hall Of Fame is my ultimate goal. I just need to be patient and see what happens, and what doors open for me. I just gotta keep making contacts and learning how the league works, so I can help others. Owning a team sounds intriguing, but that is definitely a ways down the road.

TR: I can tell you that opportunities pop up all the time in the SFL, and with the way you started your career I can see you making a name for yourself in this league. Before we go is there anything else you want to share with us, and is there anyone you want to call out or say hi to?

DD: Well, if I would look to says thanks to the Vancouver organization, Tom Ramen , Harish, Colston, Pepper, tjcagsfl , Mr. Hamilton, Moose, Ayden, Gauge, Sully, Simons, Crash, Nick Castle, Marcus Dunhill, Ray Bentley, and a whole lot more…….Thank you everyone.
Hate that i left out a bunch more…lol