Christian Pundt, Hunter Jones, Kenny Gosset, Harish Prasad, Ray Bentley

We’re now halfway through the season, and the playoff picture, while still a fuzzy object off in the distance, is starting to take shape. This week, we took a hard, deep, introspective look at what really makes a power ranking, and what makes it a power ranking. Readers, I feel confident in saying that you will agree 100% with our assessments of the teams presented below and their spots on the list. If not, you can always send an email to [email protected] and we will gladly process it. Onward, to the Power Rankings!

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Seattle Tyrants
6 - 0 (+1)This week, we reached an impasse with two teams that had a legitimate claim to the top spot in our rankings. On one hand, we had a team whose last two losses are both to the defending champions (one of which was itself the championship game), and has been nothing short of impressive every time they take the field. The other team lost to the aforementioned squad in the semifinals last season, but is the only remaining undefeated team - even with a schedule that could use a few more high-end tests, which it looks like they will be getting this coming week with a trip to Baltimore; they also have slightly more impressive team stats. Ultimately, we decided to go with Seattle here. We must recognize their standing as the last remaining undefeated team, because if we don't acknowledge that feat now then we won't have the opportunity to reward them for it later on in the season. Essentially, our logic is this: if being the last remaining undefeated team isn't good enough now, then we can't say it will be good enough a month or two down the line.
2Denver Nightwings
5 - 1 (-1)And here is our #1-B choice. Denver has been a phenomenal team this season and Jarrod McChesney put on an absolute clinic versus an overmatched Tulsa team this last week. This team is very much in title contention and may just be considered the favorties to win it all behind their defensive prowess and strong running game. All Denver needs to reclaim their top spot is a loss from Seattle, as well as to maintain their own winning streak.
3Baltimore Vultures
6 - 1 (-1)A tough loss last week to Sioux Falls has knocked Baltimore down a peg. Ultimately, though, we are not too worried about this team. They have notched several high-profile wins and Tim Johntson looks to be doing some of the best coaching of his storied career. If this team continues to get elite-level play from T-Roy Gaines, there is no limit to how far they can go in the playoffs.
4Tallahassee Pride
5 - 2 (0)Now here is a meme team if we've ever seen one. They pass the ball more than any other team in the league, yet are ranked near the bottom of the league in scoring. They have played an absolute gauntlet of an early season schedule, yet their defense still ranks as the top scoring unit in the league. Just last week, Christian Christiansen managed to put his team in a hole by tossing five interceptions, but led an impressive comeback by also tossing five touchdowns. The team is starting to show all the looks of a dangerous unit that can match up with anyone in the league. If they can cut down on the turnovers, it's hard to set a limit on what they can do.
5Alaska Storm
5 - 2 (+1)Alaska continues to be a strong presence in the SFL. While they have not perhaps been as dominant as they have in recent seasons (specifically, they could afford more efficient play from JW Doyle as well as All-World quarterback Ron Cockren), this team still has star-talent across the entire roster, and you can never discount an Alaska Storm team. Even if you're unimpressed with this team so far, Max Paul doesn't care. They will be making a deep playoff run whether you like it or not.
6Mexico City Aztecs
5 - 2 (+1)We know Mexico City's offense is good. Steven Mullenax has brought over his scoring ways from his Dallas teams and has his team ranked second in scoring. He even has Ray Bentley back to producing at the caliber of an All-Star player. The big question mark on this team is the defense - they have three dominating performances where they allowed less than 20 points, but they also have four games where they allowed more than 30. This team can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league, but this talented defense definitely has some logistical issues to work out before we can put them in the next tier.
7Chicago Wildcats
5 - 2 (-2)Oof. How's that for time management? Chicago had Alaska on the ropes for much of last week, but couldn't get a field goal off in time on a questionable no-call. When you take a step back from this missed opportunity, it really shows the strength of this Chicago team. They went head-to-head with the three-time defending champion and nearly brought them down. Shann Varner is coaching his best football since possibly their Season 9 championship run and their big-play offense fueled by ET King, Ash Odom, and Buchanon Simons looks like it's one of the most capable in the league. What really may set this team apart, however, is the linebacking duo of Clint Hendershot and Blake Craize, both of whom can make a very good case for Defensive Player of the Year.
8London Knights
4 - 3 (+1)The London Knights won a 59-44 shootout against the New Orleans Pharaohs. In the game, running back Reggie Streeter was the textbook definition of an animal, rushing 44 times for an SFL record 425 yards and six rushing touchdowns along with another 30 yards on four catches with a receiving touchdown. This latest performance should easily boost Streeter to the top of the MVP candidates list if he wasn’t already there. Next week will begin a rough three-game stretch for the Knights as they face the Alaska Storm, Atlanta Swarm and Denver Nightwings. At 4-3, to really secure a playoff spot, they’d like to be able to steal a win or two during this stretch along with winning their last two games.
9Atlanta Swarm
3 - 3 (-1)The Atlanta Swarm have now lost three straight games after starting the season 3-0, all of them coming by three points or less. Those three losses came to the New Orleans Pharaohs, Chicago Wildcats and Tallahassee Pride. While the Pharaohs have significantly dropped this season, it’s still not the worst bunch of teams to have losses against. At 3-3, the Swarm will have to start piecing together some wins to get back into serious playoff contention. Luckily, their schedule contains mostly winnable games, so it’s a likely scenario if they can regain some momentum.
10Sioux Falls Sparrows
3 - 3 (+1)At 3-3, the Sioux Falls Sparrows aren’t in the best position; however, their win against the then-undefeated Baltimore Vultures makes for a huge momentum swing in the Sparrows’ favor. Their only real issue has been that they’ve been trading wins and losses all season. As seen last season, 6-6 isn’t enough to guarantee a playoff spot so the Sparrows should look to break the trend - and soon. Looking at their remaining schedule, they could very well split those last six games as well and end their season 6-6. Having said that, you also never want to doubt a playoff team as consistent as Sioux Falls.
11Vancouver Legion
3 - 4 (+1)While at 3-4, the Vancouver Legion seem to be always one play away from a record either far better or worse. With the exception of their 45-33 loss to the Mexico City Aztecs, every Legion game so far this season has been decided by six points or less. With only five games left on their schedule, the Legion will be hard-pressed to start adding wins if they wish to be a playoff team this season. Their remaining schedule has several games that will make for tough wins. To make a real dent in the playoffs, they’ll likely have to steal a couple wins in those aforementioned tough games.
12Queen City Corsairs
3 - 3 (-2)The Queen City Corsairs have been a super quiet .500 so far this season. They’ve gone from blowing out teams to being blown out by other teams. While the Corsairs were able to sneak into the playoffs last season at 6-6 to preserve their more than impressive playoff appearance streak, they have one of the toughest schedules imaginable to end the season. If they want to keep that streak alive, they'll need everything they've got. While the odds seem to be stacked against them, they don’t have four rings for no reason.
13San Francisco Sharks
3 - 4 (6)The San Francisco Sharks absolutely embarrassed the St. Louis Gladiators in a 0-43 blowout. At 3-4, they’ll need quite a few wins to end the season to enter serious playoff contention; however it’s still in the air for them. The rest of their schedule could very well see them finish 5-7 again. If they can pull out an upset or two, the Sharks will be in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.
14Las Vegas Fury
2 - 5 (+2)After dropping their third straight game, the Las Vegas Fury will be trying to right the ship in an attempt to salvage the season and maintain their status as a playoff team. To do so at this stage, they’d have to do nothing short of winning out this season. Unfortunately, their remaining schedule includes two games against the Denver Nightwings, a team that’s proven hard to beat even once - let alone twice. With the fourth lowest scoring offense and a middling offense, the Fury will have to to get their team motivated in order to compete for a coveted playoff spot.
15Tulsa Desperadoes
2 - 4 (0)Tulsa dropped one to the Nightwings, in a game they weren't expected to win, so they weren't able to make the statement they were hoping to make. Tulsa hopes to get back on track next week and hosts the Houston Hyenas, the team that gave a winless Skyhawks their first victory.
16Charleston Predators
2 - 4 (+1)Charleston got to benefit from having a bye week by going up 1 spot in the rankings (EDITOR'S NOTE: Aren't we nice?). This week they face a tough challenge in the form of the Denver Nightwings. Charleston should hope their players are well rested and ready to take on a top squad.
17New Orleans Pharaohs
2 - 5 (-4)The Pharoahs struggles continue this week as they fell to the London Knights 59-44, on a historic night for London's Reggie Streeter. New Orleans falls to 2-5 on a season where they were met with high expectations after showing a lot of promise last season. They will go in to the bye week disappointed, but not completely demoralized.
18Carolina Skyhawks
1 - 6 (+2)Finally!!! Carolina gets their first win of the season, and they did it in fashion. Carolina's offense finally started to gel a little bit, with Mercury getting 20 carries for 84 yards, and Sully Richardson throwing the game winning touchdown pass to Harish Prasad leaving only a minute left. Carolina goes into the bye week on a positive note in a struggling season. Playoffs are likely out of reach with a tough remaining schedule that includes Denver (after the bye), Seattle, and Atlanta.
19Houston Hyenas
2 - 5 (-5)Houston drops another game in a heartbreaker, by conceding a game winning touchdown in the dying minutes of the game to the Skyhawks. Houston now has the ignoble honor of being the first team this season to lose to them. This week, they visit the Tulsa Desperados in a bid to try to keep their playoff hopes alive.
20Oklahoma City Renegades
2 - 4 (-2)Oklahoma City had a rough time trying to make a statement against the Seattle Tyrants. Unfortunately for the Renegades, the Tyrants ended up winning the game comfortably. Oklahoma City drops to 2-4 on the season, and they will face an invigorated Sioux Falls on the road this week.
21St. Louis Gladiators
0 - 6 (0)Oof.