Ayden Davis, Beat Writer
Banner image by J.R. Lawless

Ayden Davis, second pick in the Simulation Football League’s 13th Season Draft, continues his detailing of what it’s like to see yourself on-field as a star player. Riding high after the Hyena’s first win in Week 3, Houston’s locker room turned towards their next opponent across the pond. With progression well underway, and our league suddenly heating up on Eleven Sports, let’s catch up with Ayden in Week 4!

Week 4: @ London Knights
Week 4 was at London, which was a week to be excited about. I had just turned Gold, alongside with a bunch of other players on the team. During the first drive of the game, I got myself not only my first interception, but my first pick 6! This was also the first game Houston had on TV, and oh boy, I definitely showed off. I wasn’t able to watch most of the game, but I did know Houston opened with a huge lead. Unfortunately, London was able to press back and win the game.

Week 5: Denver Nightwings
I was excited to be back at home to take on the Nightwings. Again, I was unable to watch live, but I did know I did pick off Josh Miller, which felt great! Unfortunately, we got absolutely dominated on both sides, losing 41-24. The locker room was in shambles, but we put on a brave face as we prepared for Week 6 vs Charleston.

Week 6: Charleston Predators
This week felt really great and showed how good the Houston Hyenas can be! Firstly, I had TWO Interceptions in the game! Our quarterback, Kentez, was showing signs of his Offensive Rookie of the Year season (11) as well! The defense played well against Charleston, and I played against my fellow rookie friend, Kaladin Holley. Ultimately we were able to hold the Predators to a single field goal – a pretty good rebound from the week before!

With the Hyena’s second win, the Hyenas suddenly had momentum back in their favor. Offense and defense were starting to click – but next up would be a test with league mainstays the Carolina Skyhawks. Will Houston and Ayden keep racking up the W’s? Halftime is upon us, but please join us next time for The Rookie Journey: Third Quarter!