Ashley Jackson, Beat Writer & Community Ambassador

Being Community Ambassador of the league has its advantages. I enjoy traveling for the Simulation Football League and scouting out the best talent possible. I travel to all parts of the world in search of top quality people to fill our various positions around the league. Today’s adventure takes us to the tropical Cornerback Island!

The black SFL G6 touched down on Cornerback Island on August 19, 2019 at 7:30 PM. I exited the jet and descended down the stairs. My black, Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX motorcycle sat waiting for me. Hopping on, I and sped off to my destination. The early morning sun shown brightly, giving me a full rush of energy as I made my way through twist and turns of the scenic island. The lush greenery, sandy beaches and the vast, deep blue ocean was truly a sight to behold. My assignment was to interview the skill positions to find out what makes them tick, and I was truly excited to meet this superstars. They are, in no particular order:

Kaz McFly #25, A.K.A Mr. NO McFLY ZONE with the Baltimore Vultures

Evan Caroll #29 with the Alaska Storm

Ayden “TheImpGuy” Davis #30 with The Houston Hyenas

Just a few of the best cornerbacks on the island! I pulled up to our meeting destination and ascended up a small mountain via sky lift. As I exited at the top, I saw them standing on a bridge, overlooking the treetops and the ocean,talking amongst themselves. I walked over and introduced myself..

“Hey guys, great to see you! My name is..”

“A.J.Striker, I presume”… Kaz said with a smile.

“You are correct sir!” I smiled, “And it is a pleasure to meet all of you.” I responded.

“Likewise!” Evan and Ayden replied.

“I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to do this. I’m just going ask you guys a few questions and just answer how you would like. Lets walk and talk gentlemen – shall we?” I took out my recorder and began the interview.

AJ: What’s the difference between a Cornerback and Safety?
McFly: Cornerbacks play on the edge of the formation, defending wide receivers. They must be fast to keep up with a receiver that goes long down the field and quick-footed. Also being able to react and change directions when the receiver makes a cut. A safety plays deep back on defense and is normally the last line of defense on a play. Mainly a source of pass coverage, but also comes up in run support.

AJ: Why did you decide to become a Cornerback?
McFly: I’ve always liked that position. The responsibility, the skill it takes to be one-on-one with another player, and the exposure you get.
Carrol: I’m a corner and number 29 because that was the position and number my father had in high school. I never played myself, so this was sort of my way of honoring him.
Davis: I was originally going to be a wide receiver, because I was more familiar with the offense in football. Then I started looking at the cornerback position, which is similar to WR, just guarding them. I just happened to take over the role [for the Hyenas].

Evan Carroll nabs an INT from Queen City’s AJ Caswell

AJ: How many interceptions have you received and which is most memorable?
McFly: I have had 9 in total over 3 seasons. I don’t have a favorite. You can say they all are because each one put us in position to possibly win the game or ruin an opponent’s good drive. [EDITOR’S NOTE: At time of publication, Kaz stands at thirteen career interceptions] Caroll: I’m not sure how many INT’s I’ve received. I think it’s recorded somewhere, but whatever it is, it’s lower than I’d like ;). [ED: At time of publication, Evan has twenty career interceptions.] Davis: So far, only two between London and Denver, two high power defenses with great quarterbacks. [ED: Ayden’s total doubled to four in a heroic performance against Charleston]

AJ: How have you changed your player build over the seasons to meet team needs?
McFly: Earlier I focused more on pass coverage and ball skills. Now I’m working on run support efforts. Tackling
Carrol:My build has remained fairly consistent over the years, and I think I’m one of the few members of the Storm who hasn’t moved positions over the course of my career – though I did swap sides after my first season.
Davis: Obviously the best part is picking the ball off of some great wide receivers in the league. So I changed my player build to reflect that.

Ayden Davis and friends showing their prowess

AJ: What are the most important qualities one should have for this position?
McFly: Top end speed, closing speed, and being a ball hawk. As a corner you have to have the awareness to find the ball.
Carroll: My job has always been to shut down whatever side I’m on, and as long as I’m doing that it frees up Mighty to play with the rest of the board. I think the last three questions can all be answered similarly in my case; the cornerback needs to focus almost solely on the receivers, and in my case, one receiver in particular.
Davis: One should be able to catch and run. Also be sure to read the movement of the quarterback and WR.

AJ: What is some advice that you would give someone seeking this position?
McFly: Be patient! You may not see much action and that is a good thing. That means you are respected and they are probably avoiding your side of the field – but when they do target you… #MAKEANIMPACT! Also, listen to your coaches. If you all are not on the same page with your build, or you don’t like what is being advised, then that team may not be for you.
Carroll: I’d advise anyone wanting to be a CB to focus on running down receivers quickly and efficiently – like in our game against Queen City, you saw Ryan running his receiver’s route faster than their receiver did a couple times. That’s what corners should be doing in my opinion
Davis:I would advise you to get working on your speed and catching. You’re gonna need it to be able to compete.

K.L. Barrett enters the NO MCFLY ZONE to start Season 13

“Well, I thank you for your time, gentlemen. I learned a lot about and the very important role you play in the grand scheme of things!”

With that, I am off to another interview… the Quarterback Café, perhaps?