Tom Ramen, Beat Writer

Tom Ramen here, delivering part two of my rookie interview series. Today we’re headed out to Carolina to meet with free safety Rachelle Colston, one of the latest additions to the Skyhawks lineup.

TR: Hello, Rachelle! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me, and discuss how the Simulation Football League experience has affected your life. I’d like to start by asking you what brought you to the Simulation Football League and how you found us?

RC: Hello Tom. I have real life friends that are in the league who happened to be at my home when their game was being played. I watched their game and thought that it was something that I would enjoy.

TR: Wow, that’s amazing! It does seem like word of mouth has been a huge factor in the Simulation Football League expanding up until this point. However, since the television deal with Eleven Sports, it seems that the SFL is on the verge of absolutely blowing up. What do you think of all of the new rookies flooding in during the past few weeks?

RC: I joined the server after the draft, so there were only like ten active rookies in the chat at that time. After the Eleven Sports deal, I am amazed at how many introductions I see every day and the volume of rookies in the chat rooms. I am excited to see where this takes the Simulation Football League. Maybe we will actually have star players for every position, or maybe even some brand new teams.

TR: I know that many owners are excited to see their rosters expand, which in turn will give them more opportunities to create plays and deliver amazing action to the people at home. I want to talk about your team, the Carolina Skyhawks. How was it that you landed in Carolina, and tell me a little bit about your teammates and locker room.

RC: I hung out in chat a lot trying to get to know people and the different teams. I chose the Carolina Skyhawks because I thought I would fit in well with the other players. My teammates are awesome and made me feel very welcomed the moment I signed. They are a little bit crazy, funny, very active and really supportive. Our locker room is wild and our voice chat is very active.

TR: I have noticed that the Carolina Skyhawks seem to take over the general chat room at night and make it theirs. Speaking of teammates, it appears as if the Skyhawks have adopted a motto this season, can you tell me what that motto is and exactly what it means to you?

RC: “Embrace the Suck” Pause: is the motto you are referring to. To me it means we are 0-6 [EDITOR – 1-6 at time of publishing! Congratulations, Carolina!] and still working out the kinks; however, we know it is a rebuilding year and that we just need to figure it out. Our staff will keep putting in the work until everything clicks.

TR: Rebuilding isn’t always easy, but if you have a strong group of core players it definitely makes it more fun, and it seems like Carolina is making the best out of a less than optimal situation. Let’s change gears a bit and talk about a growing trend in the Simulation Football League – more female players on rosters. When I came into the league there was only one female player and now that number has grown to four. From your perspective, how could the league be more accommodating when bringing in a new demographic.

RC: When I first joined the league I was afraid that there would not be other female players. On my first day in chat I met Ashley Jackson. She took me under her wing and answered a lot of my questions. I already think the league, especially the broadcast team, does a great job during the games to make every one who watches the game feel welcomed to join our community. I think more players in the league should encourage their wives, girlfriends, daughters and female friends to join.

TR: I agree with that statement! I encouraged my daughter to join the league after my first season and she is gradually learning more and more about the game, which is awesome. Let’s talk about you; tell me about Rachelle Colston and what her passions are. I know you are highly competitive, does that come from an athletic background?

RC: Yes it does. I played four sports in high school and played D1 softball in college. I have also umpired and coached travel softball teams. I love watching sports and attending sporting events. Seeing my player on the field reminds me of those days. When you play college sports your teammates become your family. I have found a new family with the Skyhawks.

TR: Your passion for sports really does shine through. What do you see for your future in the Simulation Football League, will you be content to stay on the field or do you see yourself contributing to your team in another aspect, scouting, coaching or perhaps something else?

RC: I have already joined the staff as the assistant general manager. I have also ordered the All-Pro Football 2k8 game. I do not want to be an offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator, but would love to get a better understanding of how the game works and be able to help our coaching staff.

TR: I look forward to watching your career in the Simulation Football League take off. I’d like you to wrap things up with any final words and any shout outs.

RC: Thank you, Tom. Go Skyhawks! Love you TJ!