Ken Gossett, Hunter Jones, Harish Prasad, Christian Pundt, Ray Bentley

The Simulation Football League is getting an early start on Week 7 as the Las Vegas Fury travel to Mexico City to take on the Aztecs Saturday, August 24th, at 12:00pm EST. Not to be outdone, the Power Rankings squad scrambled to plug as much possible raw data into Ken Gossett’s GOSSETTRON-5000 in order to bring you, our dear readers, the latest and greatest in team rankings at this point in the season. As a friendly reminder, the amount of salt you take in has a direct effect on your blood pressure – the higher your blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia and kidney disease. So please, make sure you drink plenty of water before reading the following Power Rankings. Let’s go!

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Denver Nightwings
4 - 1 (0)Denver went through their bye week this week, sitting at 4-1 with their lone loss being to the Alaska Storm in a very tight game. So far, they’ve built off the momentum from last season and look poised at another title run. Leading the charge has been their defense, allowing only 19 points per game, currently the third best in the league. Looking at their remaining schedule, they have a few games that could be trouble, but it looks to be mostly clear skies for the Mile High Club.
2Baltimore Vultures
6 - 0 (0)The Baltimore Vultures are one of two teams currently undefeated. At 6-0, they’re the only team with six win,s and while the schedule has calmed down for them, the beginning of the season was particularly rough with games against Mexico City and Tallahassee. Baltimore is definitely the real deal and as dangerous as ever, ranking sixth in scoring offense and second in scoring defense. Next week the Vultures will take on the Sioux Falls Sparrows, trying to set up a potential game between undefeated teams in Week Eight when they take on the Seattle Tyrants.
3Seattle Tyrants
5 - 0 (0)The Tyrants are the other undefeated team, currently sitting at 5-0. In their most recent matchup, they won against the Las Vegas Fury 30-22. Despite the absence of longtime head coach Steven Mullenax, the Tyrants still have a top offense, averaging 32.6 points per game (fourth most in the league!). Next week they play the Oklahoma City Renegades and could potentially play in the battle of unbeatens when they take on the Baltimore Vultures in Week Eight. Their schedule after Week Eight gets a bit lighter before taking on the Atlanta Swarm to end the season.
4Tallahassee Pride
4 - 2 (0)Frank Goodin's Tallahassee Pride managed to pull of an improbable comeback against the London Knights. Even without their top wide receiver, Ken Gossett, they managed a 24-20 victory, bringing their record to 4-2. Their two losses have been to Denver and Baltimore by a combined six points. This season, the big thing about the Pride has been their defense: it hasn’t allowed more than 24 points all season and is currently allowing 15.5 points per game; it's also tied for the league lead in takeaways with 15. Next week the Pride take on the Atlanta Swarm.
5Chicago Wildcats
5 - 1 (+1)The Chicago Wildcats rebound from their tight loss to Tallahassee last week, taking down the Atlanta Swarm in thrilling fashion, 34-31. The Wildcats will take on the Alaska Storm next week, in yet another extremely challenging game for them. While getting out with a win would be huge, the schedule is in their favor after next week, with several teams that might put up a fight, but ultimately are winnable contests - with the exception of Baltimore near the end of the season.
6Alaska Storm
4 - 2 (-1)The Alaska Storm managed to hang on to win against the Vancouver Legion 23-21. The Storm are now 4-2, and it’s safe to say they've recovered from their two-game losing streak, which must have felt like an eternity to them. The Storm take on the Chicago Wildcats next week in what is shaping up to be a good game. While the Storm don’t particularly stand out in any category, they still win ball games, which is all that matters in the end.
7Mexico City Aztecs
4 - 2 (0)Mexico City sits at 4-2, with both losses coming against Baltimore and Seattle, the only two undefeated teams in the SFL. Leading the way this season for the Aztecs has been the offense, which leads the league in scoring at 34.2 points per game. While the offense has been on fire for them on the scoreboard, the defense has been lackluster, as they have the fourth worst scoring defense in the league, allowing 29.3 points per game. Next week the Aztecs take on the Las Vegas Fury, who have struggled the past few weeks. After that, all the Aztecs really need to look out for is the Tallahassee Pride to cap off their Season 13.
8Atlanta Swarm
3 - 2 (0)After starting 3-0, Atlanta has lost their last two games, but both were close losses. In recent weeks, Atlanta has heavily relied on a high volume of Marcus Dunhill passing and steady defensive play. If they can recapture this pattern in the coming weeks, they will make a real contender for the playoffs.
9London Knights
3 - 3 (0)Similar to their contemporaries from Atlanta, London started hot but has dropped a couple close games in recent weeks. This team has nothing to fret over, however. They carry the number two scoring offfense in the league, along with a defense that ranks towards the top in yardage allowed, all while employing a true workhorse in running back Reggie "Sterling" Streeter.
10Queen City Corsairs
3 - 2 (+3)After taking a beating to the Alaska Storm, the Corsairs needed a good morale win this last week. What a morale boost, then, with a 41-0 blasting of a New Orleans team that has looked good in stretches. Queen City needs to find more consistency on the defensive end, and (aside from this game) they need find a surge on the offensive side of the ball to truly emerge as a team that can make some noise in the playoffs.
11Sioux Falls Sparrows
2 - 3 (0)Sioux Falls' atypical defensive struggles continue as they rank towards the bottom of the league in points allowed, and they still haven't really been able to find an offensive rhythm behind the play of Jacen Tyree and Colin Hart. They lost a tough one to a really good Mexico team last week 34-31 in a matchup that should inspire confidence moving forwards.
12Vancouver Legion
2 - 4 (0)Vancouver has been the definition of of "middle of the pack" this season. They've come away with some close wins against quality opponents (London), but also some close losses to some teams that you need to beat to make the next jump (Baltimore, Alaska). This is a team that exists as the true border between contender and non-contender at the moment.
13New Orleans Pharaohs
2 - 4 (-3)Let's just say it: it's been a tough season for New Orleans. They rank twentieth in the league in scoring on both the offensive and defensive ends and star quarterback Xander Gold has been struggling, but they still have two wins and they don't look like a bad team at first glance. We have faith they'll right the ship, but the window is closing fast on a potential playoff run as we get on to the second half of the season.
14Houston Hyenas
2 - 4 (+3)Houston has been a weird team this season. One week they'll get beaten up on by a top tier team, the next they'll return the favor to a team struggling to consistently earn wins, and then the next they'll lose a game they should've won. Ultimately this one comes down to, as it seems like we say every week: if the offense (whether that be former rookie standout Kentez Johnson or workhorse running back Warren Murray) can get humming. On the bright side, Eddie Gauge's defense is a top five scoring unit, and they again have some excellent play from their highly touted corners Everett Garrison and Ayden Davis.
15Tulsa Desperadoes
2 - 3 (+3)Tulsa was able to pull out their second win of the season against a struggling Skyhawks team. They were able to hold off a last minute comeback attempt, but looked a little shaky in this game. Next, things will get way more difficult for them, as they face a Denver Nightwings team in top form continuing from S12.
16Las Vegas Fury
2 - 4 (-2)The Las Vegas Fury just lost to Seattle, even though they got some late points back for a prettier scoreline. The Fury have had an up and down season - we know they've played some of the top teams in the league, but if they want to make the playoffs this season, they will need to be a little more consistent. On the bright side, first year coordinator Tom Ramen is showing a lot of promise for this Vegas team.
17Charleston Predators
2 - 4 (-2)Charleston looked flat offensively in their game againt Houston, in which they lost 23-3, barely avoiding the shut out. Charleston will go into their bye week with a 2-4 record, and coming out, they face the Season 12 championship contender Denver Nightwings. At the moment, the Nightwings look like one of, if not, the best team in the league.
18Oklahoma City Renegades
2 - 3 (+2)Oklahoma City just got their first win since they beat Houston in Week 1. This time, they were able ot beat the Gladiators with an impressive performance from Jason Williams, who had a season high of 30 carries for 221 yards. Next for the Renegades is a rampant Seattle Tyrants team, who still has not lost a game since re-locating from Dallas. The Renegades will want to make a statement in this game against one of the better teams in the league.
19San Francisco Sharks
2 - 4 (-3)San Francisco lost ot the Baltimore Vultures in Week 6 in an outcome most people expected as San Francisco is struggling, and Baltimore is still undefeated. However, it is enough to drop them 3 spots since their struggles are continuing throughout the season. Next, they will face a fellow struggling team in the St. Louis Gladiators, who are looking to earn their first win for the season.
20Carolina Skyhawks
0 - 6 (-1)Carolina has dropped another game, this time against Tulsa, still unable to find their first win. This game showed much more of the same issues they have been having all season: the defense was solid for most of the game, despite changing coordinators to Sully Richardson, but Offensive Coordinator Harish Prasad still hasn't been able to get anything going on either the passing game or the running game until the score got away from them. It doesn't get easier for the Skyhawks as they face a Hyenas team with a top defense next week.
21St. Louis Gladiators
0 - 5 (0)St. Louis lost another game, this time falling to Oklahoma City, dropping them to 0-5, being the only other team without a win. If St. Louis should've gotten a win at this point in the season, it probably would've happened this week, but they will have another good shot at winning their first game as they face the struggling San Francisco Sharks in Week 7.