Sully Richardson, Beat Writer

Welcome, one and all, to another magical journey known as Logos of the League! It’s been a wild and crazy SFL season, and I’ve been salivating to get back to writing these articles. I tried to speak to a little bird; unfortunately, that bird never got back to me. You know how the saying goes: This train will keep moving whether you hop on or not! So, please join me as we travel to the Capital of the State of Florida!

Awww, Florida! Known as “The Sunshine State” (and my native state, might I add!), it is the home of Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Wet-N-Wild, etc. Florida has various sports teams: Seminoles, Hurricanes, Gators, Magic, Jaguars, Dolphins, Bucs, Heat, etc. Snowbirds love to call Florida their second home, and crazy things happen all the time; I wouldn’t change it for the world! In the state’s Capital City of Tallahassee resides the storied Simulation Football League’s Pride franchise.

I met with Owner / Head Coach Frank Goodin at his palatial office in the Lion’s Den stadium; where, he and other Pride staff were meticulously preparing for their game versus the Atlanta Swarm.

Sully: Nice to meet you, Sir! So, explain your logo.

Frank: The logo is pretty straight-forward. It’s a roaring lion! He looks mean!

S: He most certainly does! Is there a meaning behind your logo and its colors?

F: He’s just meant to be the Leader of the Pride; which, is a family of lions. I’m a Leo; which is the main reason I chose this logo. The logo’s colors (purple and gold) are often associated with royalty. It fits well with the “King of the Jungle” theme.

Pride Original Logo

The original logo of the Tallahassee Pride

S: Interesting! Did you have any input with the Matt Doyle redesign?

F: I gave Matt Doyle very clear and specific directions for the redesign of the logo for every step of the design process. I’m very familiar with the creative process; which, is best expressed in stages. He responded very well to my methodology. In the end, he provided me with exactly what I was looking for! Props to him.

S: Were there elements from the old logo that were used in the new logo?

F: There were no real elements from the old logo used in the new one (besides using the lion, of course). This is basically a complete redesign from our old logo.

Tallahassee’s redesign by Matt Doyle Designs

S: OK. What’s your favorite sports logo(s)?

F: My favorite sports logo is mine! LOL! I legit don’t have any others! Hahaha!

S: Is there anything you’d want your fans or future Pride prospects to know about your organization?

F: The Pride aspire to represent all of the best aspects of competition. We always strive to respect our opponents. We embrace and support each other as teammates; and we embrace the league as one big extended family. When it comes to the concept of ‘winning’, we are fiercely competitive. We value the journey in route to the ultimate destination, we sweat the details, and we enjoy the strategic challenges of the SFL.

S: Thanks for your time and good luck with the rest of your season!

Well, folks, thanks a bunch for your time and attention! Join us next time as we scour the SFL to find the story behind more Logos of the League!

(I’m proud to be a native Floridian! Walking through the halls of the Pride organization reveals many achievements! My attention is caught by an empty trophy case labeled “Kings”. With hard work and dedication, that case may be filled…)