Hello SFLers! It’s your favorite quarterback Tom Ramen [EDITOR’S NOTE: Suspect…], coming at you with an amazing interview with some of the hottest rookies this season. First up is London’s very own DeAndre Washington. You might know DeAndre as the Knights linebacker that has been sacking your team’s quarterback all game long. Let’s jump right in to this:

TR: Hi DeAndre! Can you tell me how you learned about the league and what you remember about the process of being a rookie?

DW: I have been in the league before this season as a wide receiver for the now defunct Cleveland Vipers during their season six campaign. Since then I have been in and out of the league; I am now hoping that this becomes a permanent thing. The rookie process was lit and it was nice to see my name called on draft day.

TR: What brought you back you back to the league, and what can teams do to retain players?

DW: The rapid growth of the league and my growing interest to sim leagues is what brought me back. I would have to say that having a good group of people in the locker room is a great way to keep interest high in the league and bring players back.

TR: From Day 1, was your goal to play on the defensive line, or was that a change from your originally picked position? What was it like joining the locker room and getting to meet all of your teammates?


DW: Contrary to that statement, I technically play linebacker. I came in wanting to play linebacker and I got my wish. When I first stepped in the locker room everyone was congratulating me and welcoming me to London. Everyone was cool and chill and it was a good experience.

TR: Speaking of the locker room, a few things have changed. For example, there are quite a number of female players in the SFL now – how does that change the dynamic of the locker room?

DW: It makes the league seem much more welcoming for sure.

TR: If you couldn’t play linebacker what was your next choice for position?

DW: My second choice was halfback.

Washington takes down AJ Francis

DeAndre Washington takes down Pride running back AJ Francis

TR: What other Season 13 rookies stand out to you? There are quite a few already affecting the league, but I wondering what your take was – what players think of players.

DW: Hmm, what other rookies standout out to me? I’ll definitely have to say Johnathan Taylor-Skongseng. He’s been balling off the charts for Las Vegas and is the one guy I would put ahead of me in the race for defensive rookie of the year.

TR: What do you hope to accomplish in the Simulation Football League? Does DeAndre have aspirations of coaching or owning a team?

DW: I hope to win defensive rookie of the year (this year of course), win multiple rings and ultimately go down in the hall of fame as one of the best Simulation Football League linebackers ever. I do hope to become a general manager of a team soon and eventually become an owner. I would love nothing more than to bring the Simulation Football League to the 901.

TR: If you do get to bring the Simulation Football League to the 901, which town would you be based in and what would your team be called?

DW: I have though if many names names for a Memphis based team such as: The Razorbacks, Hilltoppers, Blues, Kings, Gators, and Warriors / Chickasaw.

TR: Tell me about the man behind the man – who are you, and what makes you tick?

DW: Well I’m a fun person to be around and who’s friends with practically everyone I meet. I’m highly competitive and can’t stand losing, even if it’s in Uno.

TR: Is it also safe to assume that you currently play football yourself? If so, how does your SFL player mimic the real you?

DW: At this current time I do not play football due to being in the middle of transferring high schools. However, I do plan on playing as soon as I get there. My Simulation Football League player is basically the type of player I strive to be in real life, a strong high motor edge rusher that can get pressure from anywhere on the front 7.

TR: DeAndre, thank you for giving me some time with one of the most talented rookies this year. Is there anything else you want to let us know about or anyone you want to give a shout out to?

DW: I just wanna shout out my owner, Liam Crowter and General Manager / teammate Jeff Melishyn for taking a chance on me. I promise to do whatever I can to bring a trophy to London.