SFL Communications

August 21, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music has finalized the process of getting a ruleset approved that allows teams to expand rosters in the next three weeks to 15 players per team, ahead of what is expected to be the largest Rookie Draft in league history and official roster expansion in the off-season that will effect team building and the salary cap.

Rookies can begin the process of banking progression and signing on to teams effective immediately. Check-ins this week are only good through Wednesday 8/21 at 11:59 pm CT, but teams can sign players through Thursday 8/22 at 11:59 pm CT, when coach points are due. Teams can sign up to one rookie per week. On a typical week, the schedule for Rookies will be as follows:

ROOKIE CHECK-INS: Tuesdays 12:01 am CT to Wednesdays 11:59 pm CT

ROOKIE SIGNINGS: Wednesdays 12:01 am CT to Thursdays 11:59 pm CT

Here’s a breakdown of the finalized ruleset, as voted on with simply majority vote, since all rules put in place are new to the league’s rulebook:

The league now classifies three types of players:

Unsigned Rookies – Players who are not signed to teams, but can still participate in banking progression for their first off-season contract via re-sign or the Rookie Draft. Banking progression is free.

Signed Rookies – Players who are signed to teams, but bank progression for their first off-season contract via re-sign or the Rookie Draft. These contracts do not effect the team’s salary cap and in-season progression is not applied. Banking progression is free.

Veterans – Are signed to a contract that allows them to improve their player in season. The value of the player effects team salary caps. Veteran progression costs $1 a week, or $12 per season. Any player who has been a veteran before cannot sign on to a team as a ‘Signed Rookie’. Upon retiring a veteran player, the account can only participate in the rookie process as an ‘Unsigned Rookie.’

  • Any player that joins the Discord can begin banking progression, through a checkin. The player starts at base copper and banks progression based on the current Copper progression system (+5 Primary/+8 Secondary per week). All Rookies, whether filling a generic role or not, may bank progression. Rookies will checkin using the same progression window as the rest of the league: Midnight CT Tuesday through 11:59pm CT Wednesday. If a Veteran player decides to retire and create a new player to enter the draft, they would have to wait for their current player’s season to finish to begin banking value on their new base copper player. (PASSED 21-0)
  • If a player doesn’t sign with the team that drafts them, they forfeit any banked progression and must start from Base Copper at the start of the next season. If a player has not ever signed a Star contract, they are not bound by any decision they made as a Rookie player: they can keep their name, change their position ,etc for their first Star contract with no restriction. This prevents a new player from getting locked into a system they don’t understand fully. (PASSED 21-0)
  • If Signed Rookie re-signs with the team they played for the previous season, player may use any and all banked progression through Week 13 of the regular season. (PASSED 12-9)
  • Signed and Unsigned Rookies who are drafted may use any amount of banked progression up to base Silver value for their position. (PASSED 12-9)
  • Players can bank progression over multiple seasons. (The week before the draft marks the final week progression can be banked – the end of the current season – and the next season of progression can begin being banked after the off-season roster lock.) (PASSED 12-9)
  • Signed Rookies can be drafted by the team they played for the previous season. (PASSED 16-5)
  • Signed Rookies qualify for the Loyalty Bonus when re-signing their first veteran contract with the team they played for the previous season. (PASSED 11-10)
  • Signed Rookies can be released and replaced after two missed check-ins. (PASSED 19-2)

The ability for Unsigned or Signed Rookies to earn bonus progression as veterans do for three consecutive weeks of successful progression was rejected 10-11.

“We are so excited to grow the SFL,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We, as a league, have found a way to balance logistical growth with interactive and simplistic improvements to the system. Players now can start building their player as soon as they join the league for bigger and better things and can get into a team locker room and understand just what it’s like to be on a SFL team with a SFL family quicker than ever before. It’s a great milestone for our league. Thank you to all owners and league staff who put in great work and effort on this project, in response to the over 100 new Discord members in the league since our first television broadcast on Eleven Sports on August 4.”