SFL Communications

Friday August 16

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to announce the first roster size expansion in the modern Player Progression era, from 12 to 15. These three in-season signing slots will not have player progression that effects the teams, but will effect the players value for the upcoming draft and the signing of their first full-season contract in Season 14.

“Our ownership group has made a very calculated decision on what they believe is the best balance between player engagement, maintaining a competitive balance and rewarding longevity,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “When considering a landmark change to any policy, a lot of factors and considerations have to be weighed. As always, our owners combed through as much detail as possible and I am happy our league has the opportunity to get bigger.”

The league will examine the current rookie pool and determine an official roster expansion number for Season 14 during owner meetings that kick off the off-season.

Players at the end of the season will have an option of staying with their current team, or entering what is expected to be the largest draft in league history, and the first to be televised on national television. The process of banking value prior to your first contract is free.

Teams may sign one player per week, until they reach the maximum three slots allowed. The process of signing a UDFA to a star position in the event a star player is released went unchanged.

Rookies can sign with teams every Wednesday and Thursday. The new system will take effect following the vote on the process of banking progression and how it effects contract values for free agents and the draft, which will take place next week.

Full results of the vote:

Do you feel players should be added to teams immediately?

85.7% Yes
14.3% No

How should players be added to teams? (Waiver Wire System: Determined by standings from previous season until Week 3, at which point the current standings are used for each week following. Skipping a week does not affect your priority.)

57.1% Teams may sign 1 player per week.
23.8% Teams may sign 1 player per week using a Waiver Wire Priority using system listed above.
19% Teams may sign as many players as they want.

Should new users be progressing their players?
61.9% Yes
38.1% No

How should the player’s progressions be handled?
57.1% Progression is banked for draft value in the upcoming offseason.
42.9% Progression is handled like all other players and is reflected on the field each week.

Should there be a roster cap of 3 in-season, new user player signings per team, per season?
57.1% Yes
42.9% No

How should player contracts be handled at the end of the season?
66.7% New players have the option of staying with their team or entering the draft.
19% All new players must enter the draft or be subject the current rulebook regarding undeclaring from the draft.
14.3% All players are treated as Free Agents like every other veteran.