A Ladies Tale of the Tape
Ashley Jackson, Beat Writer

I woke up 7am sharp to get into my daily work out routine. SFL yoga pants and matching jacket, Nikes on, and Beats by Dre headphones, I headed out for a jog to help ease the anxiety before hitting the field.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Home of the Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, peaches and sweet tea! In high school, I was involved with sports – mainly football through music. I was in the marching band, so I attended every game, every week. I’d also watch Falcons games with my father growing up, so that past experience coupled with what my husband taught me with watching the games with him allowed me greater understanding of the sport. That is why when I was introduced to the Leauge by Joshua Williams of the Atlanta Swarm, it automatically drew me right in. As soon as I entered the Discord, I started chatting to get my chat rank down to 75 or better; I made it to rank 21 before entering the the Rookie Showcase as a WR. My team won in overtime with a safety, I scored my first touch down ever, and I received Player of the Game! Shortly after that, the Rookie Draft happened, and that was an experience in itself. I listened to name after name being called. I remember feeling happy for my fellow S12 rookie class members, but also nervous about where or if I’d even be selected in the draft. Then Cameron Irvine announced that the Pick was in for Tulsa. There was a small moment of silence and then he said these words that will ring in my ear for the rest of my life: ” With the number 8 pick in the draft… the Tulsa Desperados select.. Ashley Jackson as Quarterback!” The First Female QB of the League! The feeling of sheer joy and appreciation I felt at that moment was priceless! It felt like I was actually being drafted by the NFL! I never thought that I would be doing something like this, ever.

Game Time can be very exciting and stressful at the same time. In the locker room , your whole team is ready to hit the field, take home a win, and getting to know each other. When you’re out there and hear your name called for a good or bad play, it feels real. For example, when I see Ashley Jackson on the field take a sack, I say to myself.”Ouch! Get up, do it again!” I feel invested in my character. That’s the beauty of what the SFL has to offer. You have those great times when you win the game, and your locker room is exploding with joy and relief from winning. Then, there are those somber time when you lose and you find a way to bounce back from that defeat.

The SFL has affected my life in the most positive way. On field as QB I attempt to lead my team to victory and be a good example for our locker room. As Co-General Manager, my job is to find the best talent and scouts for our team. Off field, I’m helping to make important decisions on the Competition Committee, as well as making highlights reels with multimedia team, and building websites and putting the word out about us working with the Social Media team. Now with this article, I plan to work with a beat writing team to help to keep everyone entertained throughout the season and beyond. Another thing I love about the SFL: the sky is the limit. You can be as involved as you want to be, and I chose to do as much as I can because I believe in the league and in my guys that much!

It was by chance that I found a community like this. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to give back and grow!

I return home from my jog and prepare myself mentally for the game. Focus is key. After hitting the showers and having breakfast. I head down to the Tulsa Practice facility.

It’s Game Time, gentlemen. Let’s show them how…”WE BALL”