SFL Communications

June 27, 2019

DENTON, TX – The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music gets the ball rolling on the 13th season Thursday when Denver heads to Baltimore and London faces Charleston. All preseason games will be broadcast on YouTube. No games will feature SFL broadcast presentation. The unveil of the new look will come Opening Night, Saturday July 6, when Alaska hosts New Orleans.

“We are looking forward to an incredible season,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Tonight is the start of a wave of exciting details and information that we cannot wait to announce, that we have been planning all off-season for. This summer is going to be one to remember.”

Thursday June 27

5 p.m. CT

Denver @ Baltimore (Andy Hamilton + Matt Willson)

7 p.m. CT

London @ Charleston (Cameron Irvine + Charles Dougherty)

Friday June 28

7 p.m. CT

Carolina @ Alaska (Rich Pratchard + Charles Dougherty)

Oklahoma City @ Mexico City (Chris Curtis + Stephen Hacker)

Saturday June 29

1 p.m. CT

Atlanta @ Las Vegas (Rich Pratchard + Noah Johns Analysis debut)

3 p.m. CT

Saint Louis @ Chicago (Michael Truilo + Ramos Lynn)

5 p.m. CT

Vancouver @ Seattle (Colin Northrup + Rick Northrup)

7 p.m. CT

Houston @ New Orleans (Stephen Hacker + Dan Mitchell)

Sunday June 30

11 a.m. CT

San Francisco @ Sioux Falls (Michael Truilo + Dan Mitchell)

1 p.m. CT

Tallahassee @ Tulsa (Demond Simien + Troy Gaines)

3 p.m. CT

Queen City @ Houston (Troy Gaines Play-by-Play debut + Ramos Lynn)