Merrick Itera, Christian Pundt, Zack Sandlin

Alaska Storm

Offensive MVP: QB #3 Ron Cockren

What can be said about Riverboat Ron that hasn’t already been said?! 3 Time Champion, Captain of the Dynastic Force that is the Alaska Storm… he’s who all of the other QB’s in the league aspire to be, and he proved it again this year, commanding the Storm to yet another Championship victory. It’s no surprise to see his name here, and I expect we can write his name on the parking spot for now, because no one is outshining Ron for this spot until he retires.

Defensive MVP: DE #95 Kevin Bane

What a year for the “Bane Train”! Besting his rival turned teammate Alex Dominguez in sack production, finally getting sized for the ring he’s been so close to in season’s past… what a ride. Kevin turned up the production dial to 11 all season, terrorizing QBs throughout the SFL in S12 with consistent penetration to the pocket and routine abuse of opposing offensive linemen. Although he left the squad in the offseason, Bane’s stop in Alaska won’t be easily forgotten!

Kevin Bane (Defensive Linemen/Edge Rusher, formerly Alaska Storm)

New Orleans Pharaohs

Offensive MVP: WR #17 Deezer Powell

According to Xander Gold, Deezer Powell was the clear pick here. Here’s what he had to say about his primary offensive target last season;

“Deezer.. well I mean everyone knows what he can do…If you look at our playoff game with Baltimore, despite the loss, Deezer constantly got open for deep TD’s to help keep us in the game early. Deezer has done that for us all season.”

Deezer Powell was a standout WR in the league last season. Top 5 in all relevant WR categories.. there’s really nothing else to say about him, except that I can’t wait to see what he and Gold do in S13.

Defensive MVP: CB #28 Rolamin Hood

Xander supported Rolamin Hood from his squad for this award as well. Here’s why, in his own words;

“Rolamin Hood is very underrated and could possibly be the best #2 CB in the league. With teams going away from AA, Rolamin has stepped up every time he was targeted. He has caught some key picks and pass deflections this season that has helped us seal wins.”

Xander’s praise isn’t misplaced here. Hood was challenged early and often by teams wary of the CB talent on the other side of the field, and he met those challenges with focus and determination. Arrington has an apt pupil across the field from him in NO – and I expect him to continue to take advantage of that.

Rolamin Hood (Cornerback, New Orleans Pharaohs)

Sioux Falls Sparrows

Offensive MVP: RB #22 Colin Hart

Colin Hart is the living, breathing embodiment of the Sioux Falls Sparrows playstyle. He’s tireless on the field, shedding would be tacklers like coats or running through them as effortlessly as you or I would run through a sprinkler in the summertime. One of the true “dual-threat” RBs in the league, he amassed receptions quietly and turned what would be a safety valve pass to the flats into a potential scoring play every week. Sioux Falls has a star in the backfield, and Colin Hart is playing like he’s ready to wear that mantle.

Defensive MVP: CB #26 John Barnhart

Barnhart seems to get slept on when CB conversations come up, but no one is sleeping on him in Sioux Falls. He’s been a rock in the secondary for multiple seasons, and although he receives less attention than others who are similarly producing for their squads, he never complains or draws attention to himself – he just goes out on the field and gets to work. He’s all class, no sass – and so is his gameplay. He’s gone up against the best WR’s the SFL has to offer and held his own across multiple seasons, and he’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

John Barnhart (Cornerback, Sioux Falls Sparrows)

Las Vegas Fury

Offensive MVP: RB #28 Robert Redford

Redford’s name at this point is as synonymous with the Fury as their owner, Max Jackson. Although the numbers might argue otherwise, he seemed off this past season and, from what I’ve heard, has made some changes in preparation for a new strategy with the Fury in S13. Hopefully, this new plan will look a lot like his last regular season game in S12, where he ran over, around and through the opposing defenders on his way to a career high day. If he could deliver a performance like that with consistency, no defense in the SFL would be safe.

Defensive MVP: CB #42 Thomas Ramen, Jr.

When you make a mistake, the best way to handle it is to correct it immediately and except responsibility for your decision. In S11, the LV Fury decided to not sign a 2nd CB, and it was clear to most that a mistake had been made. Kudos to front office out there in Las Vegas, because boy did they ever correct it immediately. Drafting Ramen Jr. in the S12 Draft at CB was one of the best moves this franchise has made, and there seems to be no reason I can think of that his All Pro performance won’t repeat itself in S13. He’s got world class speed and a nose for the ball, which both factor heavily into what his assignments on the field demand, and next season Las Vegas will need his best every week to contend for a third consecutive post-season run.

Thomas Ramen, Jr. (Cornerback, Las Vegas Fury)

Queen City Corsairs

Offensive MVP: WR #88 Stephen Hacker

Stephen Hacker was an easy choice here, he blew his draft position’s expectations out of the water in S12, putting up veteran numbers in an offense more known for its run game than its pass game. Hacker was an assassin, scoring key points when his team needed it most and keeping the opposing secondary on its heels from start to finish. He’s got all of the talent necessary to be a Top 5 WR in the league, what remains to be seen is whether or not he’ll get there.

Defensive MVP: LB #44 Avry King

The newly crowned record holder in tackles at the LB position, Avry King’s name on this award was a foregone conclusion. King put his team in a position to win in every game with keen defensive awareness and momentum shifting stops. QCC is the perfect environment for this player, where his linebacking will be honed to a razor’s edge under the Corsairs defensive tutelage.

Stephen Hacker (Receiver, Queen City Corsairs)

Charleston Predators

Offensive MVP: WR #13 Trevor Ferril

Trevor Ferril was a bright spot for the ex-Spitfires in S12. He eclipsed 100 catches on the season, and just missed breaking the 1000 yard mark as well. Add to that 5 TDs and a 9.1 ypc on the season, and it’s not surprising to see him taking home this award as the team moves to the east coast this off-season.

Defensive MVP: CB #21 Von Seniuk

Von Seniuk really made his mark last season for the then-Spitfire franchise. Ending the season with 10 Pass Deflections and 5 Interceptions would be considered successful for any franchise, but what made Von stand out was his 5 Tackles for Loss, tying him for the league lead among CBs. With the ability to both guard receiving targets as well as rush the passer, Von’s talent has clearly separated him from the rest of the defense and that’s why he’s my pick.

Trevor Ferril (Receiver, formerly Indianapolis Spitfire)

Houston Hyenas

Offensive MVP: RB #21 Warren Murray

Houston’s RB gets the nod at the recommendation of his owner, Eddie Gauge. Here’s what the newly inducted SFL HOFer had to say about his RB;

“He carried our offense this season. When he performed well our offense was efficient. When Kentez was forced to throw the ball our offense struggled with turnovers and 3 and out situations.”

Defensive MVP: DT #98 Chad Takkul & CB #44 Everett Garrison

Similarly, the idea to award a “Co-MVP” here was Gauge’s as well. He knows everything about his defensive play makers, and if he can’t choose one, then who am I to try? Here’s the justification for the decision;

“Chad’s pass rush and consistent ability to force errant throws was critical in the overall success of our defense. When he was double teamed he allowed others around him to win their 1 on 1 matchups. His run defense was as good as any DT in the SFL. Watch the film and you’ll see it for yourself. Chad was a dog! Allowing our D to finish 6th or 7th in scoring.”

“Everett cane on as a rookie and dominated the first half of the season! This performance includes a couple of pick 6’s. One on the last play of the game to defeat Vancouver. He didn’t have as many the interceptions in the second half of the season but he continued to provide stellar coverage while winning his individual matchups. He also was a SOLID tackler in terms of run support. This DROTY is a playmaker. I can’t wait to see what he does next season.”

Warren Murray (Runningback, Houston Hyenas)