Anonymous Front Office Member SFL Mock Draft

The SFL Draft in Season 13 shakes out eerily similar to how the NFL Draft shook out. The team at the top of the draft hungry for a quarterback despite their being a premier pass rush specialist available. Not only that, but the team who is starving for a QB just took one last year! Rookies are starving to see where they may go, and we shouldn’t leave dinner off the table. Eat up!

Pick #TeamPlayer
1St. Louis Gladiators
QB Kyrie Hason
The Gladiators need to go QB here again and they need to get it right. Hason played well in the Rookie Showcase and has max value. He will be the next Glad.
2Houston Hyenas
CB Ayden Davis
It’s a match made in Heaven on Draft night. Davis stays in Texas and plays for the Hyenas who are CB needy after they lose one in Free Agency.
3Oklahoma City Renegades
CB Anthony Mosley
The Renegades need secondary help in a bad way, they just miss out on the best DB in the draft, and have to convince Mosley to move from FS to CB.
4Carolina Skyhawks
QB Noah Johns
The Fall is over. Short lived for Johns as he also played well at times in the Showcase, the Skyhawks can settle on their QB for the future after Mark Biddix leaves in Free Agency.
5Charleston Predators
S/CB Sim Franco Jr.
The first pick of a new era, and Charleston has to reach here. Too many teams need secondary help, and its Franco Jr. here to play either Cornerback or Safety.
6Atlanta Swarm
CB Kaladin Holley
Another DB needy team! Atlanta has to reach for Holley here as the next best player with DB listed as a possibility to fill their secondary.
7San Francisco Sharks
RB Diesel Dawson
While the Sharks usually roll with Ogun Zulu at HB, he has had some down years. With the clear cut #1 back falling to San Fran, if Zulu isn’t signed come draft night, they might snag the best back the draft has to offer.
8Tulsa Desperados
DT Sully Richardson
After a free fall for the 2nd best player the draft had to offer value wise, Richardson finally finds a home! With Rhett Sawyer departing, Dion Hawkins fills a need with an incredible talent.
9Vancouver Legion
DE Maur Rivers
Now that the pass rushers have started to go, the top tier is gone! Vancouver adds to their new front 7 with cheeseburger himself to Andy Hamilton’s defense.
10London Knights
OLB Darian Boles
The Knights have all their bases covered and can go BPA here. They add to the LB core with Boles, a young stud and SFL Veteran.
11Las Vegas Fury
S/CB DJ Moses II
With all the great Defensive Backs off the board, Moses and the Fury strike a deal here, with him moving to DB to help a team who’s secondary looks like the wild west right now.
12Queen City Corsairs
S Jonathan Taylor-Skonseng
Another team strikes a deal with a top talent. Taylor-Sknonseng said he would play any position besides DL, and the Corsairs hold him to that.
13Sioux Falls Sparrows
CB Sudo Nakai
Sioux Falls shocks the draft and replaces Julian Tyree amidst an apparent hold out. Sudo Nakai comes in after a poor Rookie Showcase at HB. Sure hope he can throw!
14Seattle Tyrants
CB Chris Leone
With all the premium talent gone, these last few picks could be a crap shoot. Seattle will grab Leone to round out their secondary.
15Alaska Storm
DE Miles Jackson
This actually wasn’t a crap shoot. I think Alaska is targeting Jackson the entire way. They have just enough value for a Max Copper (Max killing it as always) and Jackson is quiet, which fits the Vibes in Alaska (minus JW Doyle).
16St. Louis Gladiators
LB Joshua Duerr
The Gladiators sure are glad SFL Teams are filling up, as they grab another young face for their locker room. Duerr fits right in at LB.
17Houston Hyenas
WR Terrell Davis
We’ve seen what OKC and Deacon Nickens can do with time and the right recievers. With an extra pick in the first, the Renegades take Davis who can assist immediately through the air.