SFL Communications

May 11, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is working its way through its off-season and has plenty of announcements relating to the Pro Bowl, the Rookie Showcase, Free Agency and the Schedule Release Show.

Pro Bowl

In honor of Mother’s Day, the league will air the Pro Bowl Monday May 13 at 7 p.m. CT on Twitch. It’s original airdate was planned for Sunday May 12. The Houston Oilers tribute unis and the Miami Marauders will serve as the two team identities for the game, after the two concepts finished 1st and 2nd in the uniform contest voting. Ray Bentley – with help from Mexico City team owner Ramos Lynn – and Zack Sandlin – with help from Seattle team owner Crash Combs – will lead Houston and Miami, respectively. Cameron Irvine and Charles Doughtery will have the call.

Free Agency

Free Agency will also begin Monday May 12. Contracts will not be approved by the league prior to this date. All remaining re-signing announcements will occur through the weekend.

Rookie Showcase Teams and Rules:

The Rookie Showcase game will feature 17 rookies with value, and will be broadcasted live Wednesday May 15 at 7 p.m. CT on Twitch. The New York Nightmares and the New York/New Jersey Americans will serve as the two team identities for the game, after the two concepts finished 3rd and 4th place in the uniform contest voting. The commentary team will be announced soon.

The team’s are:

New York Nightmares – QB Noah Johns; RB Diesel Dawson; WR Johnathan Taylor-Skonseng; WR Sim Franco Jr.; TE DJ Moses II; DT Sully Richardson; OLB Darian Boles; CB Kaladin Holley; CB Terrell Davis; FS Marcus Brown.

NY/NJ Americans – QB Kyrie Hason; RB Sudo Nakai; WR Anthony Mosley; TE Chris Leone; DT Maur Rivers; DE Miles Jackson; OLB Joshua Duerr; CB Ayden Davis; CB Francisco Diodoro

Rookie Showcase Rules

  • Players were slotted on teams and at positions based on their final primary and secondary position request and their draft stock.
  • Players do not have to sign at the position they play in the showcase, nor are they bound by the regular player position-change rules. This game simply gives these players to earn bonus value at these positions, and serves as a way for the league to get to know the personalities of this incoming draft class.
  • Any bonus values given to players can only be utilized if they sign at that position. If a player plays QB in the showcase, but then is drafted and signs as a running back, the value will be forfeited.

Value Boosts Available (max silver rookies cannot earn value boosts)

  • Team wins the game (.5 overall value boost)
  • Game leader in passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, tackles, sacks, turnovers forced (1.0 overall value boost)
  • Player is chosen as the Rookie Showcase MVP (2.0 overall value boost)

Schedule Release Show

The second biggest off-season event, only shy of the Rookie Draft, is when the schedule is finally revealed. The SFL will air the broadcast on Wednesday May 22 at 7 p.m. CT on YouTube with Cameron Irvine, Director of Broadcasting Mike Daggs and Play-by-Play Commentator Michael Truilo.