SFL Communications

May 8, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to announce the first details of SFL Interactive, a comprehensive immersive and socially integrated media platform with SFL content throughout the year through our newest technology partner, FUEL, and new partnerships yet to be announced.

“This is the shovel into the ground of our next innovation that will truly, unequivocally separate us from any online sports or esports leagues, now and in the future,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We’ve been working with FUEL since they first brought their sophisticated software to the market and have been at this for nearly a year. We finally have details on the biggest-kept secret in the space.”

SFL Interactive will be a place where people cannot only watch live and on-demand content, but where members can earn points towards progression and rookie rank by watching content, rather than needing to watch ads for bits on Twitch or work their way up a chat leaderboard. The new multimedia team will be led by Gus Schultz, a computer programmer and the strong safety for the Vancouver Legion, the newest Support Staff member of the league.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to help bring a new dimension to SFL media,” Schultz said. “The league has some of the most incredible people in it and we are gaining the capability to show off those amazing people in ways that I have never before seen outside of cable sports news before. I’m looking forward to working with this new team and cannot wait to show everyone what we have in store.”

Over the course of it’s year-long rollout, SFL interactive will feature live games and chats, a full range of on-demand content like game highlights, player highlights, top 10s, features and profiles, plus premium content like weekly red zone channels and A Day in the Life with the Commissioner and members of the SFL. Channels can feature live and on-demand content, making sharing the league’s stories and amazing plays on social media more engaging then ever. A new rewards program can give back to the league’s top supporters, through merchandise and point purchases. New game night lotteries can win you points too. Points can do everything bits can do and so much more.

Through FUEL’s patented technology, SFL members with no video editing experience or software can work with some of the most sophisticated video editing software ever invented, right from their internet browser with ease. The content team will have access to IBM Watson and its voice-to-text transcriptions of the entire library of SFL games and media, allowing highlights for anyone who wants them to be created in minutes, not hours.

“Our number one mission, forever and always, will be to make people feel like they matter,” Irvine said. “It’s important that everyone lives a life where they can feel recognized and cheered for, even if it’s for a virtual interception or touchdown. We believe that is an incredible and very valuable and important thing to be able to bring to sports and esports. Fans shouldn’t just be ATMs. We want our fans to get the best of both worlds and we are on our way to doing that.”

If you’re interested in joining this once-in-a-lifetime multimedia opportunity, where through its development you can make money based on projects worked, please contact Gus Schultz for more information on how to get involved. Games that will be featured on SFL Interactive and on the SFL Network on FUEL in the league’s 13th season will be announced during the Schedule Release Show, which airs in two weeks.