By Sully ‘Jed’ Richardson

So many things to get into; yet, so little time! Just think about the times to be had: the Garden District, Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, and the French Quarter! Think of the drinks to be drank: Sazeracs, Hand Grenades, Hurricanes, and Crawdad Bloody Marys! Think of the food to be devoured: Jambalaya, Gumbo, Praline, and those yummy Beignets! New Orleans is a city deeply entrenched in various cultures!

Welcome to another exciting edition of Logos of the League. Follow me, as we take an excursion down to New Orleans, Louisiana! We’ll be visiting with SFL’s own New Orleans Pharaohs to gain wisdom and understanding of their magnificent logo. We’ll also get a rundown of New Orleans’ colors, culture, and so on. Let us sit back, kick our feet up, and fantasize about throwing beads until we get there (get your minds out of the gutter, folks).

New Orleans is known by many names: “The Big Easy”, “The Crescent City”, “The Bayou”. Not only is it the home of the LSU Tigers, the New Orleans Pelicans, and the New Orleans Saints; but, the 8-4 New Orleans Pharaohs reside here as well. The headquarters of the Nawlins Pharaohs are full of energy today! Some staff are busy speaking with agents of free agents. Other staff members are putting the finishing touches on their draft board. Through all the hustle and bustle of the day, Nola’s Owner Aaron Arrington lent me a moment of his time to speak about his team’s logo.

Sully: Thanks for taking the time to speak to me about your logo. Would you care to describe it for us?

Aaron: Well, the logo came from one of my close friends. We were in an APF League team called the Brooklyn Pharaohs, if I remember correctly. He is a mentor to me; so, I picked the logo and name as a tribute to him.

Sully: Wow! That’s one heck of a way to show your appreciation towards someone. I’m loving it! So, please describe the color scheme. Do the colors have any meaning behind them?

Aaron: The color scheme was originally supposed to be Blue, Yellow, and White. I love Tallahassee so much that I thought I would try my own version of the Purple and Gold. I respect them a lot; but, they haven’t won the chip yet! We have a right to the colors! (The entire room bursts out in laughter.)

The original logo the Pharaohs ran with in their debut season.

Sully: Were there any inspirations from a local college team in the Pharaohs’ team colors?

Aaron: I was inspired by Louisiana State University. We have similar Purple and Gold colors.

Sully: I kind of guessed there was a little homage-paying through the colors. Did you work with Matt Doyle last offseason with the redesign?

Aaron: Yeah I did; but, I didn’t change anything from his original design. I loved it from the moment I saw it!

Season 12 saw the Pharaohs debut their new logo, devised by artist Matt Doyle in conjunction with ownership.

Sully: Alright, what are your favorite sports logos?

Aaron: I like the logos of the Boston Celtics, the New Orleans Saints, and the Golden State Warriors.

Sully: Is there anything you want to share with your present/future fans and football players about the Pharaohs’ organization?

Aaron: Stick with us! Trust us If things don’t go as planned. We’ll only get to where we’re going if we stick with each other and build! We will win a championship in one of the next 3 seasons!

Sully: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, my friend! Good luck with the rest of the offseason and next season!

As I slipped out of the office, I ran into Pharaohs’ QB and GM Xander Gold…

Sully: Hey, man! I have a question for you. What does the Pharaohs’ logo personally mean to you?

Xander: When I look at the Pharaohs’ logo, I look at it as the first team to give me an opportunity in the SFL. I look at it like it’s a poster of my favorite player or artist on my wall. The Pharaohs’ organization means a lot to me. It means more to me than anyone could ever imagine. The logo represents the team and the city in the most perfect of manners. The Alternate Pharaoh’s logo has the Pharaoh’s head along with the fleur de lis; which, is similar to the logo that the Saints have. Our logo represents New Orleans’ culture to a T!

Quarterback Xander Gold sporting the Pharaoh’s own interpretation of purple and gold which has always been synonymous with Tallahassee.

(I understand why the Pharaohs want to represent their organization well! While walking down their many hallways, I see a trophy case. Various urns with SFL team names sit within the case. It seems pretty strange to me; but, different strokes for different folks. Looking in the glass, I see a reflection similar to a Pharaoh staring at me. Welp? Time to go to my vehicle! Note to self: Lay off the Hand Grenades! Avoid people with Voodoo face paint!)

*I need the old Pharaohs’ logo, the new Pharaohs’ logo, and the alternative (if possible).