By Ashley Jackson

The Baltimore Vultures is considered one of the top teams of the league. They have a great locker room, coaching and team staff as well. I was able to catch up with Mr. Tim Johnson (TJ) coach of the Vultures to get some insight into his coaching and his take on the SFL!!

Ashley: *So TJ…What advice can you give future coaches for the SFL?

TJ: Get very involved with a team, become a scout – watch and learn.

Ashley: *Why is progression so important?

TJ: For the league – it keeps everyone involved and connected (kudos to Dir of Player Personnel for the idea). For the team – it allows you to get better, to address team flaws and keep up with the other teams that are getting better during the season.

Ashley: *How has the league changed since you’ve been here?

TJ: It is much bigger and much better. Player progression has added a few layers to the league.

Ashley: *What is the best thing that rookies can do to become a part of a team?

TJ: Post every day, be positive, make 75 chat rank and don’t miss rookie check-ins.

Ashley: *How difficult is it to submit play into the league each week?

TJ: Coaches have to make sure run/pass rations are correct. The league has a nice spreadsheet that calculates everything. Submitting plays is easy. Submitting the right plays for that week is not as easy.

Ashley:*What makes a good candidate for Baltimore?

TJ: Good character guys that love the league. High T level guys (like the Great Aman) is a plus.

Ashley: *How have the graphics improved in the league?

TJ: The league has come a long way in that department. Cameron does an excellent job on the layout. The information displayed during the game is outstanding and informative.

Ashley: *What are the qualifications of a good coach?

TJ: Knows football, understands the Ai (to some degree), enjoys competition, and loves to scout/work/experiment. Baltimore coach Thomas Paterniti is A+ in all these categories.

Ashley: *How frustrating is it as a coach to have Ai call your playbook for you?

TJ: If she does good things – no problem. If she does stupid stuff, it makes you angry and it makes you want to kill/leave her.

Ashley: And you can submit any final words…like shout outs and such.

TJ: Shout out to Cam, Andrew, Ryan and Jermaine, Andy, Liam, Slinn, Mike Daggs (just to name a few). They do so much work here week after week, year after year to keep this league going. Thanks to all of them… and shout out to the Baltimore Vultures – great men!

Ashley: Thankyou so much for you time T.J.

TJ: It is always a pleasure to speak with you as always friend.