SFL Communications

May 8, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music announces Wednesday that the Dallas Lobos franchise, now under the full direction of sole owner Crash Combs, is moving to Seattle and adopting the ferocious moniker Seattle Tyrants.

It’s the first SFL team in Seattle and the first SFL team to occupy the northwest of the United States.

Combs originally applied to put a team in Portland, but ultimately decided to reign over Seattle instead.

“The change from Portland to Seattle was a tough back and forth,” Combs said at the introductory press conference. “I have love for both cities, having lived in both and each having their own unique styles. I ended up choosing Seattle because that is the city that brought me up. It is a culture that is heavily ingrained in me personally and always will be. I wanted to keep my initial logo idea of the Tyrannosaurus from Season 11 expansion bids.
“It was an easy choice from there with using the king of the lizards – or tyrant lizard – to go with the branding you see today. I love this name and style we have come up with. Thanks to Matt Doyle’s design and my front office for their help with making a fantastic brand.”
Seattle joins San Francisco, Vancouver, Alaska and Las Vegas out on the west coast. The Dallas Lobos organization will live on through the Tyrants.
“While it’s always tough to see a city lose their SFL franchise, it’s always exciting when we can welcome a new fanbase into the league,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “I want to thank Steven Mullenax for all he did in his time in Dallas, the Lobos always have represented the SFL well. It’s a new day and a new brand to cap off our off-season movement on the team side. Free agency starts next week so we’re not done yet with the shuffle.”
The Tyrants will support the unique look of teal green and blue sapphire with silver and white when they kickoff their first SFL season in July.