Merrick Itera, Christian Pundt, Zack Sandlin


Offensive Team MVP: WR/R Mason Kirby
Mason Kirby (aka the GOAT) may not have put up the flashy numbers of some of his counterparts like Junior Senior III, but Mason has been a solid presence both on and off the field all year. He came through in crunch time, making some big catches and plays when Dallas needed a first or something to help them get going. He was also a great blocker in the running game and did wonders for his team in the return game. Kirby gave everything he had on every play.

Defensive Team MVP: S Cain Vasquez
Cain Vasquez has been a force in the Dallas secondary this year. Cain hits like a train and has some pretty soft hands to boot. He was a leader on and off the field. On the field his play elevated a Dallas defense that struggled at times. But Cain was always playing at a high level. From touchdown saving tackles, to flashy interceptions, Cain Vasquez was the man for Dallas on defense this year.

Cain Vasquez (Safety, Dallas Lobos)


Offensive MVP: QB Ashley Jackson
Ashley Jackson had a breakout season, and not just as the first female QB in the SFL. “Action Jackson” brought some much-needed stability to the QB position in Tulsa and brought a positive, winning attitude to their locker room. AJ Striker (she has a lot of nicknames) dropped dimes and dots all over the field this year. Tulsa may not have had the season she wanted, but the future is looking bright with her at the helm of this offense.

Defensive MVP: DE Gib Leedoo
Gib was an absolute monster on the field for Tulsa this year. At one point he led the league in sacks. Gib’s presence on the field was something other teams had to gameplan for. His constant pressure led to many sacks, QB pressures, and knockdowns that I’m sure some QBs are still having nightmares about. Leedoo created some turnovers by getting in the QBs face and was a consistence force for this Tulsa defense.

Gib Leedoo (Edge Rusher, Tulsa Desperados)

Mexico City

Offensive MVP: WR KL Barrett
To quote Ramos Lynn, “KL Barrett was the most consistent player on offense”. KL was towards the top in receiving as well. Barrett was a go-to, clutch guy for the Aztecs this season and helped them make yet another playoff run. When the Aztecs needed someone to step up and make a play, KL was that guy for them.

Defensive MVP: S Pablo Zamora
Zamora was a beast in the Mexico City defense. A defense that is historically been one of the best in the League. And Zamora was able to make a statement as part of this unit as a premier run stopper and excellent ball hawk. Zamora snagged 9 interceptions this season and numerous more pass deflections.

KL Barrett (Receiver, Mexico City Aztecs)


Offensive MVP: WR Buchanan Simons
Mr. Simons has been a consistent force for the Wildcats this season. Shann Varner had this to say: “Buchanan Simons has just been an outstanding player only being in the league for 2 seasons has shown the potential for becoming a great leader on this team.” Obviously, Simons is making an impact on this veteran Chicago squad if the team owner has this to say.

Defensive MVP: LB Dillon Roland
The man. The myth. The legend himself. Mr. Rolland was a man among boys this season as he racked up a ridiculous number of tackles. He seemed to be every at once for this Chicago defense and was a nightmare for opponents as he was involved in the run and passing game. Rolland rolled through opponents this season on his way to a momentous season for the Chicago Wildcats.

Dillon Roland (Off-Ball Linebacker, Chicago Wildcats)


Offensive MVP: WR Donnie Hands
Surprised? So was I. Fully expected to hear Reggie Streeter’s name here. But when asked who he thought was the most valuable to the team, Liam said that Donnie was just an irreplaceable guy. Liam had this to say: “[He] bring[s] a lot of character to the locker room and put[s] in a lot of effort. Everybody in our locker room does but they set the bar.”

Defensive MVP: S Nathan Blake
Again, not the name that you’d expect to hear when you have someone as talented and feared as Matthew Slinn “Shady”. But Liam again emphasized the locker room presence that Nathan had and the impact he made by setting the tone for the team on and off the field. Nathan didn’t have a bad year for the Knights either.

Donnie Hands (Receiver, London Knights)

San Francisco

Offensive MVP: TE Matt Burnham
After a position swap and shaky QB situation, Burnham really stepped up to the plate and performed for an embattled San Fran offense this year. But he was Mr. Reliable. He was someone that put a lot of time, dedication, blood sweat and tears (okay, maybe a little exaggeration but you get the idea) for this team. Burnham was the man for the Sharks offense this season.

Defensive MVP: CB Camden Hoffman
Hoffman was Air Defense Central on a pretty prolific pass-defense squad. Arguably one of the more underrated pass defenses in the league. And this guy was at the helm. Numerous pass breakups and 7 interceptions is not something to scoff at. Hoffman played well and struck fear into many a QBs heart as they tossed the pigskin around this season.

Camden Hoffman (Cornerback, San Francisco Sharks)

St. Louis

Offensive MVP: WR Badr Ajlouni
Historically one of the more prolific deep threats in the SFL, Badr has statistically the best season of his career. St. Louis might have struggled throughout the season but Badr was a consistent source of production for his team on the field and a great presence in the locker room.

Defensive MVP: S Ethan Kye
Ethan Kye was in the Top 5 in multiple categories for Safeties in the league. Add to that the large leadership role he takes on the team and great presence he is on and off the field and you’ve got the makings of a great player. Ethan was a standout defender for the Gladiators this season

Badr Ajlouni (Receiver, St. Louis Gladiators)