SFL Communications

April 23, 2019

Pro Bowl Timeline of Events:

Wed, May 1 – Pro Bowl Uniform Voting ends

Fri, May 3 – Pro Bowl Draft (subject to change – official date will be announced after coaches are named)

Thu, May 9 – Pro Bowl

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music introduces your Pro Bowl list from Season 12, to be drafted by coaches TBD in the Draft on May 3. 75% of the players were voted in by the fans and 25% were voted in based on statistical achievements, marked by the * next to their name.

“All players should be proud of these accomplishments,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Whether you got in because the fans thought you deserved it or you got in because the analytics proved you deserved it – the Pro Bowl is a celebration of your achievements and we’re happy to put on the event for a second-straight season in its current format.”

All teams but Indianapolis – now Charleston – have a player represented. Five different teams earned five Pro Bowlers: Alaska, Baltimore, Dallas, Las Vegas and San Francisco.



Xander Gold, New Orleans

Tom Pepper, Vancouver

Ron Cockren, Alaska

Mike Dazzo, Baltimore (9th in yards, 7th in Comp%, 5th in TD, 4th in INT, 3rd in QBR, broke all-time passing record)


Zack Sandlin, Dallas

Jarrod McChesney, Denver

Colin Hart, Sioux Falls

Reggie Streeter, London (3rd in Yards, 4th in YPC, 4th in TD, 4th in REC YD, 1st in YPR)


Deezer Powell, New Orleans

Optimus Cline, Alaska

Junior Senior III, Dallas

Stephen Hacker, Queen City

Brett Killian, Vancouver

Siege Falco, Atlanta

Gabriel Manning, San Francisco

Rich Pratchard, Oklahoma City (7th in yards, 6th in TD, 5th in YPR) Mickey Martino (10th in yards, 5th in TD, 2nd in catch rate)

Bishop Warfield, Baltimore (13th in yards, 4th in TD, 2nd in yards for rookies)


Mike Daggs, Mexico City

Tristan Carr, Dallas

Tybeerious Bovine, Oklahoma City

Jamaal Wooding, Atlanta (3rd in yards, 2nd in TD, leader in all categories for rookies)


Jason Williams, Alaska


EJ DeCue, Tallahassee

Denzel Maverick, Dallas

Chad Takkul, Houston

Christopher Colon, Carolina (4th in tackles, 3rd in sacks, 4th in TFL)


Kevin Bane, Alaska

Alex Dominguez, Alaska

Gib Leedoo, Tulsa

Phil Hall, Carolina (4th in tackles, sacks and TFL)


Slinn Shady, London

Aquantis Shyne, Atlanta

Levant Irvine, Vancouver

Avry King, Queen City

Aman Takess, Baltimore

Dillon Roland, Chicago

Chad Guy, San Francisco (4th in tackles, TFL, 3rd in solos)

Nick Fargo, Sioux Falls (5th in tackles, 4th in solos, 1st in TFL)


Kaz McFly, Baltimore

Thomas Ramen Jr., Las Vegas

Aaron Arrington, New Orleans

Everett Garrison, Houston

Crash Combs, Dallas

Merrick Itera, Las Vegas

Camden Hoffman, San Francisco (broke record for passes defended with 27, 3rd in INT, 2 Pick 6s)

Justin Jones, San Francisco (4th in tackles, 5th in solos, 4th in INT, 3rd in PD led all rookie CB in tackles and INT)


Sir Chappell, Tallahassee

Giovanni Bolt, Baltimore

Anthony Wyo, Las Vegas

Brady Clarke, Oklahoma City (5th in tackles, 9th solos, 9th in PD, 1st INT


Ethan Kye, St. Louis

Max Jackson, Las Vegas

Jeff Melinyshyn, London

Jakob Gustafson, San Francisco (3rd in tackles and solos, 4th in INT, led all rookie SS in these categories)


Kramer Jackman, Denver

Shark Tarkington, Baltimore (1st in attempts, 2nd in FG made)


Dustin McRack, Las Vegas