By Sidney “Sully” Richardson

Hola, Nación SFL! ¡Bienvenidos a otra edición fascinante de Logos de la Liga! Thanks for joining us once again! Last week, we became more knowledgeable about the Vultures of Baltimore and there wonderful logo! Although the Vultures lost in the semifinals to the Alaska Storm (31-17), I expect Baltimore to have a terrific offseason! They will pick and eat towards next season until they are satisfied. Since we have an insatiable appetite for lovely SFL logos, where will we go to gain more Mental XP?
Mexico City: Home of Templo Mayor, the baroque Catedral Metropolitana de México of the Spanish conquistadors and the Palacio Nacional (which houses the historic murals of Diego Rivera), the capital city of Mexico, and home of the 8-4 Aztecas ciudad de méxico (or the Mexico City Aztecs). Even though the Aztecs lost a 12-10 nail-biter to the Lobos in the Quarterfinals, Mexico City’s well is running over! With the acquisition of former Lobos co-owner Steven Mullenax (taking over the role of OC), Mexico City has been busy scouting potential free agents/rookies and preparing for next season. Aztecs’ co-owner Matt Willson was unavailable for questioning; for, he’s been working diligently towards building up the team even more. Visiting the Aztecs’ headquarters, I sat down with co-owner Ramos Lynn to discuss his logo and its history.

Sully: Thanks for your valuable time! Please explain your team’s wonderful logo.

Ramos: Okay, it is an Aztec Warrior in a sideways position. The face is shaded; because, we wanted to give it a mysterious appearance. We also wanted to highlight the other details of the logo. Other than the black of the Warrior’s face, the Mexican flag colours (Green and Red) are represented. We incorporated an eagle in the headdress; because, it is also on the Mexican flag.

Sully: With last season’s redesign of most SFL team logos, did you collaborate with Matt Doyle on yours?

Ramos: Yes, very closely. He had a superb understanding of what we wanted. He really nailed it when we saw the finishing product. We kept it! We just made a few changes on the colours.

Sully: So, did you use any elements from your previous logo? If so, which ones did you apply?

Ramos: We just used the colours. The previous logo did not represent the Aztec Culture.

Sully: I’m glad to know the distinction! Could you please explain the Argentine colors? Will there be an alternate Aztec logo with the Argentine colors in the future?

Ramos: Good question! I would love for us to have an Argentine Aztec logo. We have three players on our team who are from Argentina: CB Fran Ogawa (#38), WR K.L. Barrett (#19), and SS Pablo Zamora (#29). To show my appreciation for to them, we made the specialty Argentinian Aztec uniforms.

Sully: When I watched the game where your team wore those colors, it drew me closer to joining the league! Even though I’m Black (with a little bit of Cherokee and Choctaw), it made me proud that a team would show appreciation to one’s culture! Kudos! Ok! Outside of the SFL, what’s your favorite sports logos?

Ramos: Thanks for the comment; and, I’m glad we were able to influence that feeling. I would have to say the Oakland Raiders logo, the F1 logo that was used from 1994 to 2017, the New York Yankees bat logo, and Pumas UNAM.

Sully: This is my final question for you. Is there anything else you’d like your present/future fans and players to know about the Aztecs’ organization?

Ramos: Yes: We are coming. We have built a great foundation; and, we are very excited about our new OC Steven Mullenax! We’re also excited about where we are as far as our player progression.

Sully: Thank you very much for your answers! Good luck with this upcoming season!

The train keeps rolling; and, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Whose logo will be dissected, analyzed, and understood next? Join us next time as we discover more Logos of the League!

(There’s a statue of a mighty Aztec Warrior erected outside of Mexico City’s headquarters. The statue embodies the spirit of Mexico City and the Aztec culture. I have to get a picture! Out of nowhere, a golden eagle lands at the foot of the statue. Head up, wings slightly spread, and a gaze that would kill Medusa herself; I decided to pick up the pace a little; and, enjoy myself at my hotel. With a strong vocalization, the eagle flies into the wind…)

Mexico City Aztecs Season 11 logo

Mexico City Aztecs Season 12 logo