By Sidney “Sully” Richardson

Of course, you know what time it is! Welcome to Logos of the League! The Simulation Football League has intriguing logos; and, the logos have intriguing backstories. Last time, we visited the feasting Dallas Lobos. They gave us some delicious tidbits about their logo, its history, and their future aspirations. Where will our hunger for more logo data take us this time?

We journey to the historic city of Baltimore, Maryland. The city goes by many names: Monumental City, Charm City, Mobtown, etc. Deep in the Valley of the Baltimore Vultures’ headquarters, the only name that matters now is SFL Champions. They’ll have to overcome a huge feat; as they will be facing the 10-3 Alaska Storm this coming Sunday. I sat down with the Vultures’ Owner Tim Johnston; so, I could gain a little insight on the Vultures’ logo.

Baltimore Vulture Season 12 logo

Sully: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. First of all, explain your logo.

TJ: Our logo is a red-headed, black-bodied vulture. Vultures are linked to death and destruction.

Sully: Do the the colors of your logo have any meaning behind them?

TJ: Our colors accurately represent those of the vulture: Red head, Black body, White under the wings, and a Golden beak. We have two types of vultures in here in Baltimore: the Red-headed Turkey Vulture and the Black Vulture. Our uniforms consists of all the colors of both birds. Next season, the Black Vulture will be represented on our helmet logo. The colors of the flag of the state of Maryland are Red, Black, Gold and White. Our Vultures’ logo embodies Maryland proudly!

Sully: That is going to be a sick addition! Matt Doyle redesigned your logo, correct? If so, did you have a hand in the redesign?

TJ: Matt Doyle did indeed redesign our Vultures’ logo. He did a great job. Baltimore is home to two other black bird sports teams: the Orioles and the Ravens. The Vultures are a perfect fit. On my drive home from work, I spot vultures in many different areas: the BWI airport, near the city, the roadside, north up Route 95, around the Conowingo Dam Bridge (world famous for eagle photography), and in southern Pennsylvania. When it came to the collaboration between me and Matt, we wanted an accurate depiction of a vulture. We wanted the accurate colors, the flat head, the long preditoral beak, with the fearlessness and fierceness of the vulture to top it off. The first logo looked like any other bird; but, Matt worked with us to deliver a great looking logo.

Sully: The previous logo is the old Vulture with a swirl. Was there anything paying homage to the Baltimore Crabs?

TJ: None whatsoever; because, the Crabs were a separate entity. Baltimore is known for its great steamed crabs (sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning). Crab logos, bumper stickers, and other paraphernalia are found all around the city. We decided to go with a fresh, new look with the Vultures. Crabs are small. Vultures have a six-foot wingspan!

Sully: Thanks for showing the distinction of the two. Outside of the SFL, what are your favorite sports logos?

TJ: I have always liked the Cardinal logo; especially, the Louisville and Arizona Cardinals.

Sully: Ok, final question: Is there anything else you’d like your present/future fans and players to know about your organization?

TJ: (As he leans back in his chair, he stares outside his window with a smirk on his face.) #VulturesCircling.

Sully: Once again, thank you so much for your knowledge! Good luck with tomorrow’s game!

We’ve come to the end of our expedition for further understanding of the many logos of the SFL! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Join us next week as we explore and expand upon the Logos of the League!

(As I’m walking away from the Vultures’ headquarters, I look up and see a kettle of vultures circling in the sky. “That’s what TJ was looking at!” Though it appears a storm will be passing through soon, I’ve never seen weather scare away a wake of vultures from a carcass before…)

Baltimore Vultures Season 11 logo

Baltimore Crabs Seasons 3-9 logo