By Noah J

Debuting writer Noah J gives his early take on the rookies emerging as the cream of the crop. Enjoy. 

1 – Sully Richardson, Defensive Tackle

Sully Richardson is projected to be the #1 player going into the upcoming draft. Richardson has combined for 95 career sacks at Florida State. SFL Scouts say he is at the top of his game and we were able to interview him – this is what he had to say!

“I believe I’m the number 1 pick/prospect because of my heart! I truly believe that you have to love what you’re doing. I can show people what heart, love, and determination looks like! I can add terror to whoever drafts me! We will win a championship! Plus, I want to become a legend here in the SFL!“

One thing I overheard was that if he couldn’t start right away, he would guard the Mascot! Watch out Mascots, you got an enemy. That was your top prospect; good luck to him. Onto #2.

2 – Ayden Davis, Wide Receiver

Ayden Davis is a WR/ILB from who knows where – I think Washington. I managed to nab an interview with him after his stunning 25 TD catch season, and 101 Catches on the season in 14 games, plus the Bowl Game and the NCAA Playoffs. This is what Ayden D-Davis had to say!

“To be honest, I’m a determined guy. I believe I would be a #2 pick because I really wanna be involved in this league. There are several teams I enjoy watching. It would be great to even be drafted at all.“

Ayden best of luck to ya’ man!

3 – Sonny Six, Running Back

Sonny comes from Indiana University at halfback. Sonny was fairly productive in 4 years, earning a business major, but I heard he was pretty good at gaming. He put up some good numbers in his senior year at Indiana, which earns him a #3 spot on this list. This is what Sonny had to say about the upcoming draft.

“I’m pumped for the draft. To hear my name. To be on a team that wants me to compete to make the playoffs, and championships hopefully!”

Lots of words, big ones from a big man. That is Sonny Six.

4 – Tom Schaffer, Fullback

Now Tom Schaffer is a guy we should all be afraid of. I do not know how he is not higher on this list, but this is the SFL for ya’ – things happen. Back to some information about Schaffer. Schaffer is from ___ University and has put some nice numbers up, as I am too lazy to look at his college stats like the Top 2. I might lose my job for this but who cares. This is what Tom had to say when I interviewed him, and let me tell you, pretty noice…

“Basically I just want to help my team anyway I can. I’m not picky in position, I chose fullback for the rookie showcase so I could guarantee my spot on the field while still allowing those that are below me in chat rank to play on the field in whatever position they have their heart set on. I’m all about the team, win or lose.”

I like what he said and jokes aside, those are some great words and I am looking forward to him in the upcoming draft. Onto #5 – no bias but he’s looking alright.

5 – Noah Johns, Quarterback

Noah Johns came out of High School committed to UW. He had a 4 year career surpassing the UW TD Record with 53 in 14 games in his sophomore season, he threw the ball well and deserves #5. He can also run the ball as he had 8 Rushing TD’s. This guy is pretty good. This is what he had to say about the upcoming draft.

“I feel pretty confident about myself. I have made the right things happen and I think I can be apart of a really good draft class. I hope that I get drafted and play QB/K for any team. I wanna lead a team and make a team proud maybe win a championship but I just really wanna play.“

There you go. You’re Top 5 Rookie, Noah Johns.

Author’s Note – Hey thanks for reading this article! I really hope you enjoyed it and I am thankful that you read it. I am enjoying this and I hope I can do this for as long as possible! Have a nice day!