SFL Communications

April 15, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music has approved the ownership transfer of the Dallas Lobos franchise to Crash Combs, through the co-owner process designed and approved by the Competition Committee earlier this season. Steven Mullenax, the original owner of the Dallas franchise, is stepping down from his ownership role and has decided to join Mexico City as their new Offensive Coordinator.

“I was honored to be the owner of an SFL franchise in Dallas for six seasons,” Mullenax said. “But due to changes in my personal life, I felt I could no longer give the effort I showed in the past. I have decided to step down from ownership altogether and pursue the one thing I still love about this league: being a coach. Although I had the opportunity to stay in Dallas, I felt like my co-owner, Crash Combs, has earned the right to run his own franchise without me. Luckily, several quality SFL teams were willing to consider me as a possible addition to their staff. But in Mexico City, I found a team with two of the league’s top owners in Ramos and Matt, that I fully respect. And the Aztecs are a team chock full of quality players I would be honored to play alongside and coach. Landing in Mexico City in Season 13 is a dream come true for me. I can’t wait to get started and be a part of helping this legendary organization get back to the championship game.”

Combs becomes the owner in Dallas after applying to own his own team in Portland during the last wave of expansion. He was approved by the owners as a Co-Owner of Dallas in Season 12. He will be working with the league and its partners on writing the next chapter for the franchise heading into Season 13.

“I am very appreciative of the opportunities Steven has entrusted to me and this is another chapter of that,” Combs said. “Steven is one of the nicest and smartest guys you’ll meet. We wish him luck and he will always be a Lobo in our eyes. We will now maintain the top level culture Steven put in place off the field and on the field we will continue to improve and make deep runs like this season.”

Commissioner Irvine was a part of the process from the beginning and solidifies the continuation of one of its longest-running franchises.

“I am happy for Steven that he has found piece with his decision and continue down a path of passion and happiness,” Irvine said. “I am happy for a man in Crash that many for the last year believed has always deserved a franchise he can call his own and I am happy for Mexico City and their players that they get to benefit from life’s ever-changing goals and realities. Most days as Commissioner, there are winners and losers. Today there are only winners and these are the days that are most enjoyable as a leader of the league.”

Mexico City and the Mullenax OC era begins today. Ramos Lynn will continue to run the defense and Matt Willson will continue to serve as the team’s GM.

“We are so glad and honored to have a brilliant mind like Steven join us,” Lynn said. “We do believe he is going to be a key component to another championship run and we cannot wait for Season 13.”

Hall-of-Fame quarterback on the field, Willson, will be directed by a new Offensive Coordinator for the first time since joining the Aztecs. Mullenax has put together the league’s top passing offense the last two seasons.

“The Aztecs are excited to add Steven, who coordinated this season’s high-scoring offense, to the staff,” Willson said. “His offense, combined with Ramos Lynn’s consistent top notch defenses, should be a potent combination. Steven is also a very enthusiastic, positive, and kind individual. These are important traits we look for in both players and staff. Mexico City fans should be very excited for next season.”

Look out for more announcements to come from these two franchises as they prepare for their upcoming summer seasons.

Commissioner’s Note: The league office was asked not to release this information until Mullenax was able to make his landing-destination decision, which ultimately co-incited with the final week of Dallas’ season. The branding process for Indianapolis’ move to Charleston began on February 24 and the formal written request of ownership transfer to Dallas was received by the league on March 21. Inquiries of any possible re-branding process for the Dallas franchise was not discussed with the league until March 29, at which time the league informed Combs the name was being used in another re-branding project.

The league values honesty and human decency first and does not believe there was any intent to disrupt future branding projects that may or may not ever take place, asks that you treat players and leaders involved with that same human decency and to never judge a book by its cover. Many in our community have been too often judged by their cover in their lifetime. We aim to make the SFL a place where those harsh criticisms do not exist and people treat people better inside our walls. I personally apologize to those who longed for an explanation regarding the Predators moniker and ask for your understanding that I simply could not give you the full picture at the time you were demanding it, as I attempted to explain at the time. Thank you to those who chose to reach out and wish me well on the subject in question and thanks to you all, we still have the best league possible to enjoy. The league does not – nor has it ever – reserved cities, names, color schemes or any other part of a team’s identity for applicants who were not voted in at the time of their application.