By Sidney “Sully” Richardson

Welcome once again to another exciting installment of Logos of the League! For those of you who are new to this; we ask questions and dissect the ins-and-outs of the league’s team logos. Our last editorial journey took us out to Denver, Colorado; where, we were educated on the stealthy logo of the Denver Nightwings. The Nightwing’s logo truly is an example of art imitating life. They’ve recently shown their speed and stealthiness by handing the Sioux Falls Sparrows a 43-24 drubbing in last week’s SFL quarter finals.

Where will our thirst for logo knowledge lead us next? Let’s take a journey to the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas; where the Lobos are strategically plotting on their prey. I was able to sit down and discuss the team’s logo with Owner Steve Mullenax, Co-GM Tristan Carr, and breakout rookie sensation Zack “The Sandman” Sandlin. GM Crash Combs was unavailable at the time; as, he was prepping for the Lobos’ upcoming semifinal game versus the Denver Nightwings. Let us jump into it!

Season 12 Dallas Lobos logo – “The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong.” -Keewatin (Inuit) Proverb

Sully: Thank you Gentlemen for your time. First off, please explain your logo.

Steve: It’s basically a fierce wolf howling at a full moon.

Sully: Could you please explain the colors?

Tristan: The Moon is Moonlight Gold. The Wolf, lettering, and outlining are a mixture of Alpha Silver, Midnight Black, and Shock White (the feeling you get when you hear a wolf howling).

Steve: Here’s a spoiler alert for you. Before we went with the Lobos, I considered the “Fury” name. The logo was going to be the Vultures’ logo. The team colors were going to be Blue and Green.

Sully: Alright, that’s some interesting insider info! What does your logo mean to you?

Zack: Our motto this year is #Rise. We rise like the moon does at night! We rise up to any challenge! We rise above adversity! We rise to any occasion! The Wolf is a symbol of strength, beauty, and loyalty. It is one to be feared. When you combine the Moon and the Howling Wolf, you get imagery that strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who stands against us! No need to run! You’re on our hunting grounds now!

Tristan: To add on to what Zack said, Lobos run in packs. The Wolf howling at the Moon showcases our collective teamwork. If we don’t coordinate together, we’re dead! We need each other to survive!

Sully: Were any of you (besides Zack) involved in this past offseason’s updated logos?

Steve: When I saw the logo that Matt Doyle did, I was hooked! I chose the Lobos’ name, colors, logos, and uniforms. I wasn’t, however, involved in the update.

Tristan: At that time, I wasn’t apart of the Lobos’ organization. I do love how the logo looks; and, I appreciate Steve’s selections. They are the true definition of our team.

Sully: Nice! Outside of the SFL, what’s your favorite sports logos?

Steve: I love vintage NFL logos.

Tristan: My Seattle Seahawks’ logo is awesome! I also like the logos of the Miami Heat and the Houston Oilers.

Zack: I’m from Arkansas (we suck; but…); so, I love the Razorbacks’ logo. I’m also partial to my Southern Arkansas University (the Muleriders’) logo. I really don’t have favorites. I just like the logos of the teams I support.

Sully: Alright, good Sirs. Is there anything that you want your present/future fans and players to know about your organization?

Steve: First off, I just want people to know that Crash Combs is a huge part of our organization’s turnaround season. He’s been one of the best GMs in league history. He has earned himself an ownership stake! Crash embodies the attributes of an SFL owner. He’s earned the respect and admiration of myself, the organization, and the entire community of the SFL. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Crash’s influences on our organization. He’s simply the best!

Tristan: We’ve only just scratched the surface! The Dallas Lobos are here, we’re hungry, and we’ve got huge things on the horizon!

Zack: Our team is a tight-knit family. We are devoted to each other. We take care of each other. We call each other out when we mess up; and, we praise each other when we’re successful. Win or lose, know this: We will play our damn hearts out until the final whistle! This season is not a fluke! We’ve made it this far for a reason! Get comfortable SFL! We don’t plan on vacating the premises anytime soon! Join this pack of Lobos! #Rise with us!

Sully: Thanks so much for your vital time! Good luck in the playoffs!

Once again, we’ve completed another exciting chapter! Join us next time as we dig deeper, become smarter, and grow more interested with the Logos of the League!

(I feel as though I’m being watched. Is that the wind blowing; or, actual movement in the nearby landscape? The moon is really shining bright tonight. A few shocking howls in the distance makes me quicken my steps…)

Season 10 Dallas Ruffnecks logo