Kramer Jackman

The Denver Nightwings head into the postseason with a target on their back as they are the number two seed. The Nightwings have had an incredible season starting the season off winning seven games in a row and it took them seven weeks to finally reach the number one team on the power rankings in the SFL.

Everyone has counted out the Nightwings including the group who comes up with the power rankings as one writer who is quoted saying, “If Denver goes 12-0 and I won’t put them at one.”

Nobody wants to see change, everyone wants the same outcome season after season. This is Denver’s season!
Denver has the MVP Jarrod McChesney who has run down all the throats of defense the Nightwings have played all season with his 1,831 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Jarrod McChesney finds open space versus Dallas

Denver has the 143 crew with the likes of Defensive Players of the Year Nicholas Warner, B.J. Armstrong, Martie McCree and Matthew Lee. Together, the crew has forced 28 turnovers and 40 pass deflections. If you don’t know the slogan “The D in Denver stands for deflections” get used to it when you play the Nightwings.

Denver has Bailey “Chewy” Baca. This dude is so hungry he will get pushed down get back up run around two linemen and destroy your quarterback. If you think I’m joking, check out our YouTube channel, its on there. Chewy is a hungry bad man with eight sacks, eight assists and 14 tackles for losses.
Denver has Mike “I’m Going to Hit You Hard” Sawchuk. This freak of nature has stopped the run all year, been a thorn in quarterback’s sides, and has a very nice personality. 77 tackles, 36 assisted seven pass deflections and one interception.

Mike Sawchuk was one of the most productive linebackers in the league since he was signed midseason

Did I mention Jarrod McChesney yet? Oh, I did.

Josh “Big Arm” Miller throws dimes like nothing, Logan “Old Timer” Keel is the guy if we need three yards, he is getting us 20. “Hungry, Hungry” Hiapo Kinloha is our secret weapon. Jockamo Jones leads the team in receiving touchdowns.
You can’t forget about Kramer Jackman, perfect on the season in field goals and has kicked three game-winners. Dude has a leg, he has two.

Jeremy Vega, the mastermind, the puppeteer who leads this team by his words of encouragement and play calling abilities. He was able to bring in offensive coordinator Michael Goodman.

With the entire roster of the Denver Nightwings, it will be hard for teams to try and match up against the team because of how they connect and click on the field. You also can not forget, they have the power of the Yoga behind them.