By Kody Hill 

Since the beginning of the season, the Vultures have been heavily favored to be title contenders. Though they made have fallen through the cracks a couple of times, the team is still as sharp as ever.

Let’s take a look at their offense: there’s the Running Back T-ROY Gaines, who’s production on the ground and even in the air has led to Vultures to wins. This season, the passing attack has been very lethal with new recruit Bishop Warfield and Veteran Daley Holder. Those two have been lead by All-Time Passing Leader Mike Dazzo (Currently in Top 10 in Passing Years this season, over 3K yards how insane?!) Let’s not forget about that defense, with perennial stars like Aman Takess, Kaz McFly, Hendrixx Thornberry, and former member of the Season 10 Storm team, Tony Willis. The kicking this season has been phenomenal with Shark Tarkington being number two in the Special Teams Standings.

Now with all the key players out, let’s get into analytics. The Vultures end the regular season with 8 wins and 4 losses (66.66% Win Percentage). In Offensive Stats, they have 278.2 Pass yds per game, 80.6 rushing yds per game, 39 TDS, and 4322 T yds. The defense has done well not allowing points with 19.92 Points allowed per game, 341.5 yds overall allowed per game, and 25 TDS allowed overall.

Even after all this, the most impressive thing done this season is consistency in player progression with 100% and their boost in followers on social media. If their one thing they are definitely in the Top 3 in, its marketing. The pack of Vultures have proving time again that community comes above all else on and off the field.