By Tristan CarrĀ 

The Dallas Lobos’ return to the postseason caught many people by surprise. However, they didn’t just return… they marched their way to the #3 seed and a franchise best 9-3 regular season record – week after week, giving the nation highlights that would make you #RISE out of your seat. You might ask, “How did this happen? How did this historic season come to be?“. Enter, dare I say, not one… but two MVP candidates. The ultimate QB and RB duo, Jacques Luyindula and Zack Sandlin. Both new acquisitions in the offseason (Luyindula from free agency, Sandlin selected #2 overall in the draft) the offense got an unbelievable jump start.

#2 SFL Draft pick Zach Sandlin has brought a ferocity to the running back position that we perhaps haven’t seen since Ray Bentley in Season 9.

Here’s some numbers to chew over: 39.5 points per game, 474 total on the season, 491 total yards per game. All of those are good for best of any team this season. Oh, and that 474 total points? Tied 2nd highest by any team in a season… Ever. So yeah, this offense is pretty good; but what makes Zack and Jacques MVP contenders? Let’s start with the Sandman: 2183 rushing yards, 7.6 YPR, 27 rushings TDs. All of which are league bests — by a very wide margin. Luyindula is 2nd in passing yards with 3683. He also boasts a 68% completion percentage and 27 endzone strikes through the air. Those guys catching the footballs aren’t too shabby themselves, headlined by Junior Senior III, Mike Osayi, Mason Kirby, and along with Tristan Carr as TE. Each fill a key role – Junior Senior III is the deep threat, Mike Osayi gets the clutch 3rd down conversions, Mason Kirby (AKA the GOAT) returns the kicks, and Tristan Carr tries not to screw up.

Luyindula appears to have found a permanent home in Dallas.

Don’t let all this talk of the offense fool you though, the defense is dominant as well. At DT1 and DT2 we have the “Top Gun Duo“, rookies Denzel Maverick and Jukin “Goose” Roukyn. Maverick and Roukyn started their SFL careers with a splash having 18 and 9.5 sacks respectively. They locked down the middle of the line for the entire season and show no signs of slowing down for their playoff matchup against Mexico City. In their previous match-up, they combined for 3 combined sacks on Aztecs QB Matt Wilson. Moving on to LBs, the Lobos have a star in EK Vinson. He posted 70 tackles, 15 (!!!!) pass defenses, and 3 interceptions on the season. Needless to say, he was absolutely everywhere, a true ball hawk. Which finally brings us to the secondary, headlined by Crash Combs, Iverson Gamble, and Cain Vasquez. Just last week, Combs and Gamble shined by each getting a pick 6. Vasquez was a heat-seeking missile all season, raking up 93 total tackles.

Linebacker Vinson utilises his undersized frame perfectly in pass coverage. Don’t forget, he was once one of the league’s best safeties.

While impressive, the stats don’t nearly tell the story of the Dallas Lobos. Where they really shine is the team work, attitude, and dedication they brought from the very beginning of the year. They showcased that by accomplishing something this season no other team has ever done… 100% progression for the entire year. A feat that would surely make any owner and GM extremely proud, and honored to call them teammates. Win or lose, the Lobos pack always stuck together and worked hard. The sign of true champions.