By Zach Sandlin

Well it had been a wild and wacky couple of weeks to wrap us this years Pick ‘em league. The Beat writers have been scrambling, utilizing all of the devious and dastardly measures they can to get that second-place position (aka first loser). Death threats, bribes, special favors, whole franchises, and other things I cannot legally put in print on threat of the penalty of death by snu-snu have been offered up these past couple weeks. First place has been a lock for a few weeks now as Jeff seems to have found a way to see the future (or maybe he’s cheating, who knows!) and left the rest of the competition in the dust. Week 12 picks were all over the place. No one team stood out as a clear popular vote in Week 12, either as a surefire winner or underdawg pick. And, with many bribes and death threats failing to work, many people did not participate in Week 13 selections. It has been a wild ride this year! Congratulations to the Unofficially-Official Champion of the Writer’s Pick ‘em: Ray Bentley! Wait, just kidding. Way to go Mr. Melinyshyn. Final standings are as follows:

1. Jeff M. – 36
2. Shady – 31
3. Roby – 28
4. Christian – 27
5. Ray Bentley – 25
6. Andy – 23
7. Hunter – 21
8. Merrick – 20
9. Doyle – 19
10. Chris C. – 18
11. Brandon – 15
12. Jet – 11

Note from the editor: Has anybody noticed that the three top performers all play for the same team? There must be something in the water over in London!