RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Alaska Storm
9 - 3 (+1)The Alaska Storm picked up a win against the Houston Hyenas 28-23, giving the Storm a regular season record of 9-3. The Hyenas gave the Storm a scare towards the end of the game with an untimely pick six thrown by Storm quarterback Ron Cockren. Despite this, the two-time defending champions managed to kill the rest of the clock and escape with a win. Although one has to wonder if a scare like this will only further motivate the Storm to make sure they’re on top of their game come playoff time. That and the Storm having the No. 1 seed after a Denver Nightwings loss could brew trouble for the rest of the playoff teams.
2Baltimore Vultures
8 - 4 (-1)If there's one team that Alaska does NOT want to face it's this one. Thomas Paterniti is already keeping Max Paul up at night with the chess game that they play. What makes this team so great is that perhaps no player really stands out. They have the ability to go in any direction in any week and it's very difficult to exploit any certain area. They are getting high-level and efficient play from both Mike Dazzo and T-ROY Gaines and they carry arguably the best cornerback combo in the league in Kaz McFly and Hendrixx Thornberry (even after nearly letting Stephen Hacker break the single-season receiving yardage record).
3Dallas Lobos
9 - 3 (0)Some were wondering how Dallas would fare in a rivalry game against Oklahoma City as they made a final push to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They left nothing to chance with a dominating 59-30 win over the Renegades, marking the 3rd time this season they have scored 58 or more points. Even with a defense that has at times played down to their level of competition, with an offense that can score at will, they have what it takes to beat any opponent they face going forward.
4New Orleans Pharaohs
8 - 4 (0)New Orleans is a star heavy team on offense with a deep defense that should give anyone troubles. Xander Gold, Logan Jack, Deezer Powell and Matt Wolfe are a hard team for anyone to stop and Coach McDaniels will have his hands full with their quarterfinals clash versus the Vultures. If they can weather the top secondary in the league over in Baltimore then it's not hard to imagine their 8-man defense providing too much talent for Baltimore to overcome. At that point, anything would be possible.
5Denver Nightwings
9 - 3 (0)The Denver Nightwings lost to the Vancouver Legion 31-27 and drop down to a final regular season record of 9-3, losing their top seed to the Alaska Storm. While losing the No. 1 seed hurts, the Nightwings are still prime position at No. 2. Granted, they go into the playoffs having lost three of their last five after starting the season 7-0, so they may be a little vulnerable right now. Home field advantage is always a good cure for that feeling though, maybe the Nightwings can find that spark that got them to a 7-0 start.
6Sioux Falls Sparrows
7 - 5 (0)Ever since Sioux Falls got out of the first month of the season, they've been rocking and rolling. Julian Tyree and Colin Hart have picked up steam and the Sparrows look to have the most consistent ground attack in the league and they excel at getting their all-world running back the ball through the air. Meanwhile, the defense has been excellent all season with no real weakness. They're highlighted by the all-league play of Nick Fargo and John Barnhart and have the ability to be a formidable threat to any offense in the league. They face a challenge in the wildcard where they face the Las Vegas Fury, who they split their series with earlier this season, but the good news is they know they have their number after blowing them out just two weeks ago.
7Tallahassee Pride
7 - 5 (0)Faced with an underrated opponent in a Chicago team fighting for their playoff lives, superstar DT EJ DeCue put the defense on his back, hauling the QB down in the backfield a stunning 7 times, and leading his team to a 21-18 win. On the other side of the ball AJ Francis controlled the game with 28 carries for 118 yards and 2 TDs, and QB Christian Christiansen was efficient as ever. The Pride host Queen City on Thursday, fresh off a lopsided win over Baltimore, and they’ll be looking to impose their will on the Corsairs and advance to the next round.
8Mexico City Aztecs
8 - 4 (0)The Mexico City Aztecs didn’t have a game to worry about this week, they were able to sit at 8-4 and just watch how the playoffs seeding would unfold. They ended up with the No. 6 seed, a Sioux Falls Sparrows win from the No. 7 seed and having to play in the wildcard round. However, with the extra week off the Aztecs go into the playoffs fresh and potentially with some added information on the playoff teams who played in week 13.
9Queen City Corsairs
6 - 6 (+2)Queen City was on life support before they roared back to relevance in week 13 with a 45-33 win over previously top-ranked Baltimore in prime time. The Vultures were totally unprepared for the Corsairs’ deep passing attack as WR Stephen Hacker went full sicko mode with 16 receptions for 360 yards and 4 TDs, and nearly set the league record for yards in a single game. Queen City’s reward is the #9 seed and a date with the Pride in their place on Thursday. It won’t be an easy task, but if the Corsairs play even close to the way they played last Sunday, you have to think they have a chance to beat any opponent they face from here on out.
10Las Vegas Fury
6 - 6 (+2)Las Vegas has been a team that's fluctuated wildly over the season. They were the most dominant team in the league over the first month of the season, before falling off to being one of the most disappointing through the dog days, and then scrapping just enough together to get into the playoffs in the last month. They look renewed in their blowout of Tulsa and it wouldn't be hard to imagine them making a decent run if they cant show Sioux Falls some new tricks. At the end of this day, this team got in on tiebreakers and doesn't look like a deep team and that's why they are here. After all these tiebreakers and nearly being dead just a few weeks ago, they are playing on borrowed time and have nothing to lose. That translates to a dangerous team if I've ever seen one.