Michael Sprous

First of all, what would a post about Tallahassee be without the good ole TAL TAL TAL.

Lead by the all loved, all admired and all adored owner, Frank Goodin, the Tallahassee Pride are in prime position to win it all because of the immense playoff experience this unit holds. ALL but one, the stud of a TE, Ty Norris, have playoff experience and that alone adds a big dose of advantage against any opposing team on the field. Frank has done an amazing job leading this team to their fourth straight playoff appearance. It doesn’t stop with him either. The staff he has behind him and the players he works with are all part of the same team. Frank had something to say about coming into this season’s playoffs as a wild card team…

“We LOVE a challenge and a great story, and winning it all from a wild card spot would be one hell of a story!”

Frank Goodin

The Tallahassee Pride have appeared in the playoffs a numerous amount of times within their 8 seasons as an SFL Team. Though their overall playoff record may deceive people at a .500, they have in the past two seasons, held a record of 4 wins to only 2 losses in the playoffs, and I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded that both of their ONLY losses in the past two playoffs were in the championship game.

Tallahassee most notably boasts an incredibly dominant defensive line. Highlighted by the illustrious and always hungry linemen, DT EJ DeCue, DE Taqwuan Hale, and DE Hunter Norwood, the Pride have amassed a total of 38 total sacks, 23 of which were made by the sack leader DT EJ DeCue, and 50 tackles for a loss! It’s no joke, that any offensive line that matches up against these three beasts, are in for a nasty surprise. At the backend of the defense, the Pride boasts another dominant set of players, most notably, the safety duo, SS Alex Bond, and FS Sir Chappell, from the Skyhawks, sorry, not sorry. Covering the back end, the secondary holds their own when the defensive line cannot get to the quarterback. Combined with the seasoned corners, CB Michael Sprous and CB Matthew Sprous, the Tallahassee secondary has shown a dominant defensive stance. Allowing the second best in the league, 334 yards per game, they have made sure that with the help of the D-Line, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the ground or through the air, they will get the job done.

The Tallahassee defense is the best

The Tallahassee Pride offense has more than proved that it doesn’t matter if it’s through the air or on the ground, they will get to the end zone one way or another. The Pride offense is definitely an interesting one to plan for as they have switched their role from a passing lead, to a running lead, and now a mixture of both. With veteran QB Christian Christiansen at the helm, the offense always seems to have a sense of calmness… Even if CC throws 4 picks in a single game… The offense compiles of an incredibly versatile set of players under the helm of CC. WR Duo Ken Gossett and Greyson Willis, Rookie TE Ty Norris, and RB AJ Francis. Oh look, another Skyhawk. Coincidence? I think not..

Together, the offense is tied first with a 59% third down conversion percentage, which alone is an impressive feat. Being around the middle of the pack in both passing and rushing yards this season, the Pride are definitely not one dimensional and can hit you from any angle. Defenses will need to plan carefully when coming up against this stout offense as one way or another, they will get into the endzone.

Christian Christiansen leads the Tallahassee offense

At the end of the day, the Tallahassee Pride boasts one of the best playoff records and stats over the past two seasons. The team is full of dominant and incredibly experienced players who have not been through one, but two, championship losses. It’s the time to make it third time a charm, and take the crown home!

Michael Sprous picking off Optimus Cline

As for the Tallahassee Pride’s future, just be known that it’s not just a team, but a family and it’s not about who does what, but what we do. TAL TAL TAL!


Season 12 Tallahassee Pride logo