Andrew Francis

What does it mean to be part of something greater than yourself? It means to be part of a dynasty. To count a group of individuals as family. Brothers in arms if you will. That’s what we are. From day one every player has an important role including the non-star players. That’s what sets us apart from any other team and that’s why we’re on the precipice of a 3-peat. As a team, we make it a point to focus on all 3 phases of football and we all have input regarding game plans, what we wear, and even the hashtags we user in the chats.

Robert “EA” Merrill has provided a dimension to Max Paul’s offense he hasn’t had since at least Season 9

After winning it all last year and going on an impeccable run, we didn’t linger on the win. We were already talking about this season. As a collective, we agreed that this party isn’t over and that we were going for the 3-peat. To be quite honest who better than the Storm to pull off something as great as this. We have the greatest coach/owner in the modern SFL era. He currently stands with a 46-14 record as head coach and owner of the storm. He’s fundamentally a defensive minded coach but has put together one of the best offenses over that last 3 seasons and he’s constantly tinkering and with the game plan and defensive schemes to add that extra wrinkle that no one has ever seen.

The “Bash Brothers” Alex Dominguez and Kevin are shown here destroying Mike Dazzo

Our Defense is anchored by Alex “Big Sexy” Dominguez and fellow Bash Brother Kevin Bane. Both who constantly disrupt the passing lanes and always seem to get to the quarterback. This often gives all of us players in the secondary the opportunity the be ball hawks and get after it. On the offense we’ve got thunder (Jason Thrilliams) and lightening (EA Merrill). We’ve got the boss of all bosses in Optimus Cline who basically will climb the ladder and catch anything that comes his way. Jeff Comeau who has stepped up as our #2 receiver since EA as switched to Running back this season. And last but certainly not least, the General “Riverboat” Ron Cockren at the helm leading us to victory as always. I’d take my squad over anyone on any given day on any field! Why? Because it’s Storm season. Get your coat and bundle up.