Craig Hearn

People are probably wondering, “Why will the Sioux Falls Sparrows win the championship in season 12?” Let me fill you all in.

We have the most complete units on both sides of the ball, We play like a band of brothers, We put it on the line every second we are out on the field, We give our all for each other, no one has the fiery competitive edge we do. When we went down 1-4 in the first five games of the season. “Sparrows are done!” they cried. We knew we were just beginning, we were on the rise.

Nick Fargo has been one of the most dominant players in the entire league this season

We got two MVP candidates on each side of the ball. Colin Hart as always, dominating, blasting his way through defenses with little effort. 109 Catches 658 Yards, 21 TDS, 1785 yards! The league just can’t ignoring him as a MVP choice anymore. This man on the D doesn’t even need a introduction MR. AJ LEVYE! His stellar play all season has really propelled our play on that side of the ball, He has our guys ready to go out there and get the job done! He has consistently played at an elite level every single season since he entered the league. You can’t ignore the Sparrows any longer.

Colin Hart is a bona fide MVP candidate who started and ended the season on an absolute tear

Every one of us have picked up our play every week and we are hungry for a Championship! We are hungry for Player Success! Let me give a mention to MR. JULIAN TYREE! He has been a tremendous leader for us, He doesn’t blow you away with his stats, But he is a game manager which is what all teams need. IT’S TIME FOR THE SPARROWS TO FLY! Julian Tyree, A.J Warren, Shaun Harrelson, Colin Hart, Jay Ringgold, Andrew Nyberg, John Barnhart, A.J Leyve, Riley Porter, Alex Parker, Nick Fargo and myself, Craig Hearn are here and the league needs to be on notice! This band of Brothers are ready to fly! KAPOW! KAPOW! KAPOW! Here we come Season 12 Championship!