Robert Redford

The city that never sleeps, Viva Las Vegas, city of lights, and we all know what happens in Vegas…… Las Vegas has many names and many phrases. Very soon, locals will have the privilege to also say, World Champs Baby! Cha ching, bring me that ring! The Las Vegas Fury are going all the way and there is nothing our foes can do about it.

Anthony Wyo absolutely leveling T-ROY Gaines

We are going to be like our team logo, the phoenix, and come out of our 6-6 ashes, to win it all! Every year we are under estimated and we like it that way. We are going to come down on our opponents with fire and Fury in the the form of Ramen Jr. picking you off, Max Jackson forcing a fumble, Merrick Itera breaking your ribs, FATS breaking your QB, St. John breaking the backup QB, Wyo making the TE forget what year it is, and that is just on defense.

Once we get the ball, Ramen Sr. will be dropping not dimes, but silver dollars into the opponents endzone, Blades will cutting the grass while he blows by your… defense, Funk will be doing the electric slide all the way to the endzone, and most importantly, McRack will be droppin’ balls on the one inch line while Rage is bombing field goals from the parking lot. Oh, and Redford will be taking all the cheerleaders to see Wayne Newton during half-time because the game is already over!

Redford really came on strong towards the end of the season

Most of all, we play as a team, we win as a team, and we gamble as a team. Our commitment to our team, ourselves, and to the league is going to get us to the promise land. To all those in our way, you will fear the Fury from this day forward.