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I’ve always been intrigued by how an organization presents itself. I love looking up logos of sports teams: From defunct leagues (ABA, AFL, USFL, NBL, USL) to thriving leagues (NBA, NFL, CFL, MLB, MLS). From my high school football team back in Florida (go Panthers) to my Seminoles in Tallahassee; logos have always been a pet peeve for me. Imagine my excitement when I watched my first SFL matchup: the Sioux Falls Sparrows versus the Las Vegas Fury! I was perplexed! Many questions formulated in my head as I gazed upon my tablet:

“What the heck is this?”
“Is this actual commentary; or, part of the game?”
“Who in the world designed these fire logos?”

After weeks of watching and doing research, the SFL had me dead-to-rights! During this past offseason, the SFL commissioned Matt Doyle of Matt Doyle Designs to redesign every team logo. Coming from this rookie, Mr. Doyle did not disappoint! Since I am fresh meat in the Beat Writer’s Brigade, I wanted to delve deeper into the various SFL team logos, their colors, and meanings!

We’ll start with the logo of the reigning, defending, undisputed two-time SFL champs, the Alaska Storm (I’m a Paul Heyman Guy). Although the Storm’s headquarters are swamped with playoff buzz, I managed to get ahold of Alaska’s two front office gurus: Owner Max Paul and GM Ryan Davidson.

Sully: What exactly is the Alaska Storm logo? Is it a hurricane?

Max: It is a storm from a Doppler radar’s perspective.

Sully: I never would’ve guessed that! What are the color schemes used in your logo?

Max: Dark Blue, Dark Red, and Cyan (we call it “Electric Blue”).

Sully: Interesting! Is there any particular meaning behind each color?

Max: At the time of applying, there weren’t any red helmets in the league. There were a lot of black (yuck) and white (bland) helmets; but, no red. So that’s where the jump off (of the Dark Red) started. (For the uniforms) I wanted a bright color that can resemble snow or frigid temperatures. That’s where the Electric Blue (Cyan) comes in. Lastly, I wanted a darker color to pair it with. Dark Blue filled that role as I refused to incorporate black in any way, shape, or form. Too many teams use black and I wanted a unique brand for the Storm.

Ryan: In my opinion, our colors have specific meanings. Electric Blue is the color the sky takes when a storm is about to arrive. The Dark Red on the helmets is just my personal favorite! Haha!

Sully: Sounds good, Fellas! So, were you two involved in the recent redesign of your logo?

Max: Yes. My designer will attest to that! Although he left me an awful review, I knew what I wanted the logo to look like and signify. I had a vision of how our logo should look: The eye of the Storm and the swirl, the lightning bolt at the top of the swirl, even the word mark that fades. It’s a complete look!

Ryan: I didn’t have the pleasure to help; but, I have to say that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I think our logo is a little bit different from the rest of the league: more simple and minimalistic. That’s the reason why I love our logo! I personally think it’s perfectly designed to reflect our team identity!

Sully: I can’t stop agreeing with your assessment! Other than this league, what are some of your favorite sports logos?

Ryan: My favorite logo ever was the one the Philadelphia 76ers used while Allen Iverson was playing there. I don’t really know how to explain it; but, that logo just caught my eye the first time I noticed it. Right now, I don’t have a favorite; but, I do enjoy teams with recognizable logos like the Golden State Warriors, the Florida Gators, or the Miami Dolphins. I did enjoy the dinosaur in the Toronto Raptors logo, too! LOL!

Max: I like the Memphis Grizzlies’ logo.

Sully: Great selections of logos! Finally, do you two have any last remarks? Anything that you believe the organization wants its current and future fans (and players) to know?

Max: I’ve always liked the name and concept of a storm in team sports. There’s no way of restraining it. You just have to let it run its course; because there’s no way to stop it from occurring.

Ryan: We like to keep things plain and simple here in Alaska. And that motto applies to our logo, our style of play, and (ultimately) our identity. In the end, nobody wants to get caught in a snowstorm! So, you better come prepared when you come up here in The Eye of the Storm!

Sully: Thanks for your time, Gentlemen! Good luck in the playoffs!

You can’t help but get pumped by these beautiful logos! Join me next week as we become more educated about the Logos of the League! (It’s kind of cold and windy out here! Clouds look quite menacing…)

Season 12 logo

Season 10 logo