Ray West

You asked me why I think New Orleans will shock the SFL world and take it all? Well have you seen our team? Here in NOLA we have our own “Fantastic Four” and they play on the offensive side of the ball. Xander Gold is the clear cut MVP in our eyes and has been outstanding, making throws that some of us haven’t seen here in the SFL. His play-making ability is unmatched. He truly does have the Midas Touch when it comes to getting the ball where it needs to be. Logan Jack shreds defenses similar to how Wolverine shreds through his enemies. I guarantee you there’s not a single person that wants to tackle that man one-on-one and if there’s someone out there that does, I hope they’re ready for all 242 pounds of that man to ram through them. The Human Torch Deezer Powell is unguardable. The wheels that he has on him is unbelievable. Deezer is like an airplane or rather a flight, and you can delay a flight but you’ll never be able to completely stop it from going to its destination. And then we have Wolfe, the most underrated receiver in the league. He’s putting up better numbers than some #1 receivers on other teams. Anything you throw to Wolfe, whether it be deep, in a crowd or a short slant, he’s gonna catch it.

Xander Gold can hear the haters

Now, we take it to the defense. The D-Line that consists of Zigg Washington and Ray West can matchup against any O-Line and wreak havoc. This D-Line isn’t one dimensional, they stop the run, get sacks, force QB hurries and more. The LB core of Mac McDaniel and Gerry Bertier could be one of the best in the league. Tackling machines that seem to be all over the field, but can also play in coverage. Now, to our DB core that consists of Kappa Jones, Rolamin Hood, Tank Bennett & future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Arrington. This fairly young group of ball hawking, hard-hitting defensive backs is underrated in my opinion. We have a complete team and we feel like we can compete with anyone in the league. The feeling of missing the playoffs by a game last season and the hunger, drive and confidence we have this season put together is sure to make for an interesting outcome. Mark my words. History will be made.

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