By Ken Gossett, Hunter Jones, Thomas Paterniti, Christian Pundt

There’s just two weeks left and nine of the ten playoff spots look to be about locked up. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to play for. We still have some major seeding implications coming up, especially for the current three-loss teams, and there’s an all out brawl for the final playoff spot. Which order do we have them in? Read on and find out!

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Baltimore Vultures
7 - 3 (+1)Baltimore overtakes the top spot this week after blowing out a very good Mexico City team 31-3, while Alaska was only able to top a Sharks team by one possession. The difference between these teams right now is razor thin and it goes to show that these rankings can flip after just one week where both squads carry wins. That being said, it's really looking like the Vultures wil win out behind T-Roy Gaines and their top scoring defense with games left versus the Hyenas and Corsairs. We hesitantly say that Baltimore is the favorite to win it all right now.
2Alaska Storm
7 - 3 (-1)The Alaska Storm pick up a win this weekend over the San Francisco Sharks, reaching that key seven-win mark that all but guarantees their spot in the playoffs. While the game was not as easy as some expected, a win is a win. The Storm finish their season with a game on the road against a Queen City Corsairs team desperate to end a four-game losing streak before finishing the regular season at home against the Houston Hyenas.
3Dallas Lobos
8 - 3 (0)The weirdest "tier one" team in the league continues their streak of dominance. With a 36-16 victory over Atlanta, the Lobos clinch their first playoff birth since their trip to the championship in Season 8. They carry the top scoring offense in the league with arguably the most threatening passing and rushing attack in the league along with the player who looks like the clear favorite for MVP in Zack Sandlin, who has an over 300 yard lead over the next closest rusher.
4Tallahassee Pride
6 - 4 (0)With a win against the Queen City Corsairs, the Tallahassee Pride are just one win away from that safe seven wins to secure their playoff spot. At 6-4, they have two more chances against the San Francisco Sharks and the Chicago Wildcats. None of these games are a given, obviously, but the Pride should be favored in both contests. It would be better for the Pride to just end it this week with the Sharks, especially given that the Wildcats are also at six wins needing their seventh.
5New Orleans Pharaohs
7 - 3 (0)New Orleans gets a much needed break this weekend and after their last game against Denver, they are looking like one of the hottest teams in the league. They’ll travel to Tulsa this week in what should be a winnable game as they push to solidify home field advantage throughout the playoffs.
6Denver Nightwings
8 - 2 (0)Denver silenced their critics this week in a big way with a 63-38 blowout of a solid team in Vancouver. They are now all but a lock to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs and with a workhorse in their backfield like McChesney, they definitely have what it takes to go the distance.
7Sioux Falls Sparrows
6 - 4 (+1)The OTHER five straight win team has been steadily rising up our rankings over the last month. The Sparrows carry an offense that looks to be benefitting from a much lighter schedule down the stretch. Combining that with their airtight defense, they look like they'll be in the playoffs as one of the hotter teams. They're a team based on efficiency and can afford to cut down on the turnovers (Tyree carries a negative TD:INT ratio although a 70%+ completion percentage), if they can take care of that then the Sparrows can make a real push for the semifinals.
8Mexico City Aztecs
7 - 4 (-1)The Aztecs have had a rough last month, going 1-3 over their last four games (with their only win coming in a very ugly one with the San Francisco Sharks). They've just about locked up their playoff spot and still carry a top three scoring defense (with a top six scoring offense). They may be ranked number eight, but that's exactly where Ray Bentley wants to be. We're expecting Ramos Lynn's team to pick up their pace down the stretch and once again look like a championship contender who should fight for a return to the championship game.
9Chicago Wildcats
6 - 4 (0)Chicago’s offense struggled mightily with Houston’s defense and it took a last minute FG to squeak out a win 13-12. But the Wildcats defense played great, and with their schedule, any win is a good win. Chicago is slotted for a wild card spot currently, and they’ll try to sneak into the top 6 with wins in their remaining 2 games.
10London Knights
5 - 5 (+4)London looks like the team that has risen out of the middle of the pack to emerge as a team that controls their own playoff destiny. London absolutely stood up to their biggest challenge of the season with a two-possession victory over the Las Vegas Fury, their main opponent for the last few spots in the wildcard. This might be the single most underrated team in the league with the number three scoring offense (and the sneaky good play of Rob Roby and Reggie Streeter) and a midrange defensive unit. We're not saying this team will make a deep run or anything but they can make some noise here over the next month and look to control their own destiny with some challenging, but winnable, games versus Vancouver and New Orleans.
11Queen City Corsairs
5 - 5 (-4)Simply put, the Queen City Corsairs are in a very tough spot. After their most recent loss to the Tallahassee Pride, the Corsairs now sit at 5-5 in no man’s land. This is a team that hasn’t missed the playoffs since season four, when they weren’t even the Corsairs yet, they were still the New York Knights. The Corsairs end their season with games against the Alaska Storm and the Baltimore Vultures. It’ll be an absolute grind to end the season for the Corsairs and they’re trending downwards at the worst point to do so.
12Las Vegas Fury
5 - 5 (-2)This is really frustrating. Las Vegas is a really good team that may just not have the depth to make it into the playoffs. They no longer have control of their own playoff destiny as they'll need some help to get in. They had the chance to really position themselves well but lost by 12 points to red hot London team in a game that they really should've won. At the end of the day, they've put themselves in a tougher spot than they need to be in and lost games we don't see playoff teams lose. They're not out yet, but another loss and they'll be on the ropes.
13Vancouver Legion
4 - 6 (-1)Despite their loss to the Denver Nightwings this week, the Vancouver Legion still have a chance at playoffs. It’s a distant one and they’d likely need some things to go their way to pull it off, but they do still have a chance. With games against the London Knights and the Nightwings to end their season, it could be worse. Plus, the Knights are in the middle of the playoff race themselves so the Legion getting a head-to-head victory here would be huge for them.
14Tulsa Desperadoes
4 - 6 (-1)Tulsa is a long shot to the playoffs at this point and, at best, can only finish at .500. Neither of their units are better than average league-wide right now and they really lack a true x-factor that puts them over the edge into the playoff mix. On the bright side, they have their franchise player in AJ Jackson, severlal very talented players in the secondary (Kanye Rockafella, Charles Ball, and the one and only Kyler Murray) and an offseason where they'll have a real pitch to add some gamechanging talent.
15San Francisco Sharks
4 - 7 (+1)With this week’s loss to the Alaska Storm, the San Francisco Sharks are officially eliminated from the playoffs. While it hurts to lose out on the playoffs, they played well against the Storm, losing by seven. They end their season this week on the road against the Tallahassee Pride. While they aren’t going to make the playoffs, they could still affect it, as the Pride are only at six wins. A Sharks win would drastically change the landscape of the playoff race, putting the Pride on the ropes at 6-5.
16Carolina Skyhawks
4 - 7 (+1)The Carolina Skyhawks pick up a win against the Oklahoma City Renegades, putting the Renegades one loss from playoff elimination. The Skyhawks end their season against the St. Louis Gladiators, a game that will only really help decide draft position. The Skyhawks picking up a win next week would put them on a two-game winning streak heading into the off-season. Maybe the momentum from ending on a high note could lead to the Skyhawks making a playoff run next season.
17Oklahoma City Renegades
4 - 6 (-2)Frankly speaking, this was a bad loss for the Oklahoma City Renegades to take. Instead of winning and having a chance to finish with seven wins, they now sit at 4-6 and need to make up ground fast if they want a playoff push. They end the season against the Atlanta Swarm and the Dallas Lobos. Not an ideal pair of games to end with but certainly not unbeatable. The Renegades going 2-4 the past six game also puts them on the wrong side of momentum, but the thing about momentum is that it can change very quickly.
18Houston Hyenas
3 - 7 (-1)This game was a microcosm of Houston’s season as their defense played well enough to win, but their offense let them down, failing to reach the end zone for the third time this season as they fell to Chicago 13-12. Houston is eliminated from the playoffs so the goal for them going forward will be to continue working to improve the offense as they look to next season.
19Atlanta Swarm
3 - 7 (-2)Atlanta drops a game to an explosive Dallas team and they are looking to the future as well. Their offense has been explosive in stretches so they’ll likely try to improve their defense as they look to compete for a playoff spot next year.
20Indianapolis Spitfire
3 - 7 (-1)Indianapolis had a bye this week and like several other teams at this time of the season, they are looking to the future and trying to improve going forward. They will face a stiff challenge this week in a surging Denver team with the league’s best record.
21St. Louis Gladiators
1 - 9 (-9)St. Louis had a bye this week and with the extra practice time they’ll look to avoid setting the league record for most consecutive losses. Most importantly, however, they are looking to improve and grow for next season. They square off against Carolina this week in what will be a challenging contest.