By Zack Sandlin

Welcome back to our coverage of the “Writer’s Round-Up.” I do apologize for the delay this week, but they almost got me. I was locked in their secret dungeon being interrogated for crimes against The Order (I don’t know what The Order is either). However, I successfully managed to prove my innocence and get this report out. This week wasn’t as exciting as the last, but nonetheless there were points galore. A common pick this week, for the first time this season I believe, was the Dallas Lobos. Dallas seems to have garnered some attention over the past few weeks and it’s starting to reflect in this ring of miscreants. 7/13 pickers chose Dallas as one of their teams to lock in. The most common upset vote this week was New Orleans, grabbing 4/13 available spots. Upset votes this week were fairly spread out across the board though. And with that, here is a look at our standings.

1. Jeff M. – 29

2. Christian – 25

3. Ray Bentley – 24

4. Shady – 23

5. Roby – 23

6. Andy – 22

7. Hunter – 21

8. Merrick – 19

9. Doyle – 18

10. Chris C. – 17

11. Brandon – 11

12. Jet – 10