By Ken Gossett, Hunter Jones, Thomas Paterniti, Christian Pundt

There’s been some significant shakeups again this week as teams jockey for playoff spots. With only a couple games left, the margin for error is growing thinner and thinner and teams across the league are certainly feeling the pressure. Who do we think will crack? Who do we think will hunker down and make it work? Read on to find out!

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Alaska Storm
6 - 3 (+2)Fresh off a 59-7 win, Alaska is officially back to the top of the Power Rankings. Ron Cockren is red hot and playing arguably better than any other QB in the league (and that's including Xander Gold) leading the fourth best scoring offense in the league while being complimented by the number one scoring defense. This team doesn't look to have any weaknesses and has only been beaten by serious league heavyweights this season. As long as they can avoid Baltimore the rest of the way it's to see them losing to anyone.
2Baltimore Vultures
6 - 3 (0)The Baltimore Vultures rebound from last week’s defeat to the Tallahassee Pride with a win over the Queen City Corsairs. At 6-3, it’d take a complete collapse for the Vultures to not make the playoffs. They’re final three games are tough ones agains the Mexico City Aztecs, the Corsairs and a Houston Hyenas team coming off an upset win over the Pride. Again, though, hard to believe the Vultures can’t win one out of these three and make another run in the postseason.
3Dallas Lobos
7 - 3 (+2)If it weren’t for the Denver Nightwings starting the season 7-0, the Dallas Lobos would undoubtedly be the surprise of the season. After two seasons of ranking near the bottom of the league, they put it all together and are now sitting near the top of the standings. Their most recent win against the Carolina Skyhawks push their win streak to four and their remaining schedule is favorable for them to potentially snag homefield advantage.
4Tallahassee Pride
5 - 4 (-3)The Tallahassee Pride lost to the Houston Hyenas this week. While before the season it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, it’s quite the upset this season and shakes up the playoff picture. Tallahassee is now tied with four other teams at 5-4. The bright side is that they have the head-to-head over Las Vegas and face two of the other three to end the season, so they still are very much in control of their playoff hopes. However, there’s the obvious downside of them losing those two games and six losses isn’t a comfortable spot for any team vying for playoffs.
5New Orleans Pharaohs
7 - 3 (+3)Talk about a game that's sending a message to the rest of the league. New Orleans absolutely demolished the current #1 seed Denver Nightwings 47-23. This team is clicking on all cylinders as they certifiably have a pair of superstars in their backfield with Xander Gold and Logan Jack, who absolutely unstoppable last week. This team simply prevents way too many matchup problems and is an extremely well-coached side on top of that. If they're not a tier one team then they're awfully close. Aaron Arrington's team certainly can't wait for the playoffs and this looks like a team that could be peaking at the right time.
6Denver Nightwings
7 - 2 (+2)Denver has dropped two straight games and they haven't looked like their normal selves since their bye week and they haven't looked like a team that's belonged to have home field advantage since their game versus Chicago. Denver is still a very good team that's probably just lost their swagger, but they need Josh Miller to step up his game and for Jarrod McChesney to return to MVP form if they want to secure their trip to the playoffs and be able to make a deep run.
7Mexico City Aztecs
7 - 3 (-1)The Mexico City Aztecs beat the San Francisco Sharks to pull their record to 7-3. At 7-3, they’re practically guaranteed a playoff spot. At this point, the Aztecs are just fighting for homefield advantage. They end the season on the road against a Baltimore Vultures team looking to secure their spot in the playoffs and a Chicago team in the thick of the playoff hunt. Two determined teams to end the season isn’t the best thing for the Aztecs, especially considering that only one of their wins this season has come against a winning team.
8Sioux Falls Sparrows
5 - 4 (+1)While Dallas is getting all the attention, Sioux Falls has them matched for the longest active win streak in the league at the moment. Since a tumultuous stretch through a stretch of playing really high end teams, Julian Tyree and the Sparrows have really stepped up and look like the Sioux Falls team we're used to seeing. This Tyree and Levye-coached team is now ranked twelfth in scoring on offense and eighth in scoring on defense, numbers that have been steadily improving over the last month or so. We should expect to see them playing as a wildcard or low seeded quarterfinalist team come playoffs, which they most certainly should be in.
9Chicago Wildcats
5 - 4 (-2)Well that was just a burn the tape game. When you lose by 50+ to a two-time defending champion, there's not a ton you can take away from that and no one really learns anything new from that game other than that Chicago is not on Alaska's level. That being said, the Wildcats are still in the wildcard picture and have a real identity. It's not flashy and it's not to get into shootouts. This is a team that wants to play ball control, limit turnovers, and play outstanding defense.
10Las Vegas Fury
5 - 4 (+2)It's always nice to blow a team out. It's even nicer when that team blew another team out the week prior. And it's even nicer when that wins puts you above .500 and puts you in the driver's spot for the last spot in the playoffs. Tom Ramen channeled the version of him we'll need to see if the Fury will win a championship and boy do we hope to continue to see it because it was exciting. We still don't have a good read on this team and the peripheral stats don't indicate much else either, given they rank around the middle of the pack offensively and defensively, despite having wild swings in performances week to week – sometimes getting absolutely embarrassed on both sides of the ball by a superpower such as Alaska and, at other times, looking absolutely dominant in every facet in games such as last weeks match with Indy.
11Queen City Corsairs
5 - 4 (-1)The Queen City Corsairs were beaten by the Baltimore Vultures this past week, extending their losing streak to three. This puts them at 5-4 and in the absolute thick of the playoff hunt. It’s a bad spot and the Corsairs have been trending downwards in the worst part of the season to be trending downwards, however the Corsairs are four-time champions and you don’t get that kind of championship pedigree without being able to string together some much-needed wins when it matters.
12Vancouver Legion
4 - 5 (-1)Vancouver got thoroughly outpaced by a fellow team striving for a playoff birth in Sioux Falls. The Legion are now under .500 at 4-5 and have to catch some serious breaks to get into the playoffs. Their scoring defense may rank seventh in the league (in what has been one of the most difficult schedules in the league, making this number very impressive), but it's fair to question the direction on offense and what separates this team from the rest of the pack as a playoff squad. We're struggling to find one beyond the excellent play of Frank Champion and the overall solid play by the preventing side of the ball.
13Tulsa Desperadoes
4 - 5 (+4)The Desperados are on the ropes for a spot in the playoffs and really need to do some work and get some help to get into the picture. They may wind up in the dance but there's plenty to take away from this team even if they don't. Tulsa has unequivocally hit on their most important player in first round pick and quarterback Ashley Jackson. She hasn't always been the most efficient player (what rookie not named Zack Sandlin is?) but she's made some extremely clutch plays and came up big for her team time and time again. Tulsa has some excellent leadership from Owner to GM to HC to QB and those are the most important pieces to any team.
14London Knights
4 - 5 (-1)London has not been given enough credit for what they've put on the field this season. They're 4-5 and need some help to get into the wildcard but they have a real base here. Rob Roby and Reggie Streeter look like London's long term backfield. If they're able to win all their games down the stretch, the Knights can finish 7-5, which likely puts them in play for an extended season, especially with a scoring offense that ranks fifth in the league and a mid-range defense. London is not a team to be taken lightly and look like a real team the rest of the way and in the near future.
15Oklahoma City Renegades
4 - 5 (+1)The Renegades are already a team that plays with confidence but this game was to show the rest of the league they were truly worthy of their middle-of-the-pack status, as they boatraced the league's worst team by record in the Gladiators 36-14. This team's offense has the ability to really click on it's good weeks but this defense is still very leaky. We're not quite convinced they're a playoff team (and they are nearing the lose-and-forget-it portion of the season, if they are not already there) but this is a dangerous team that is desperate and can beat anyone down the stretch.
16San Francisco Sharks
4 - 6 (-2)The San Francisco Sharks lost a huge game to the Mexico City Aztecs last week, dropping them to 4-6. At this stage, they need help to make the playoffs while also winning out the rest of their schedule. Unfortunately for the Sharks, they end the season against the Alaska Storm and the Tallahassee Pride. There might not be a tougher two to face to end the season, especially with the Pride fighting for their playoff lives as well. If they could pull off two upsets to end the season though, even if they don’t make the postseason what a way to end it. They’d definitely head into season 13 with near-unrivaled momentum.
17Houston Hyenas
3 - 6 (+3)While a win against the Tallahassee Pride makes the Houston Hyenas’ record look better, it probably won’t get them in the playoffs. It’s still possible if they win out and get a little help but they’d need to grind out wins against three teams that are all in the playoff picture. While they might not be able to make the playoffs regardless, they can certainly affect the playoffs and still play the role of spoiler.
18Atlanta Swarm
3 - 6 (-3)The Atlanta Swarm lost a big game to the New Orleans Pharaohs this week, putting them in the SFL Purgatory that is 3-6. To their credit, they looked like one of the worst teams to start the season yet down the stretch put together key victories to set them up as a dark horse playoff candidate to this point. They can still make the playoffs if they win out and get a little help but it’s always a tough spot as a team to not control your own destiny. They’ve split their last games 2-2 and looking at their schedule to end the season they might can pull off a 3-0 finish, potentially spoiling a playoff berth for the Oklahoma City Renegades and costing the Dallas Lobos homefield advantage in the process.
19Carolina Skyhawks
3 - 7 (0)The Carolina Skyhawks’ loss to the Dallas Lobos this week officially puts them out of the playoffs. They do have a chance to play spoiler to the Oklahoma City Renegades’ playoff dreams, however, so they do kind of have something to play for. If the Skyhawks lose and the St. Louis Gladiators win, they would face off for the battle of the No. 1 pick in the rookie draft.
20Indianapolis Spitfire
3 - 7 (-2)If we couldn't do it before, we're going to do it now. The Spitfire are officially unable to finish at least .500 this season and, while looking like the next age of SFL offensive play at times, they've looked downright terrible other weeks. One of those weeks was this last one as they dropped to a Las Vegas team that has been reeling since the first month of the season 45-3.I t's important to remember that the Spitfire have done a good job adding personnel and new leadership this season, seeing as new QB TD Drew looks like an objective success and franchise player and LB Brandon Haight looks like he has the potential to be one of the top linebackers in the league, while GM/WR Jet Christie has been one of the more active interjections into the league metagame this season. And with that, it's time for Indianapolis to double-down and do some experimenting the rest of the way and hope to pick up on some interesting new trends while in a nothing-to-lose situation.
21St. Louis Gladiators
1 - 9 (0)The St. Louis Gladiators have now lost nine straight games. Sitting at 1-9, it’s almost all but guaranteed they will receive the No. 1 pick in the upcoming rookie draft. All they can really do is re-tool the playbook and prepare for next season. They don’t even really play any playoff teams to end the season, so re-tooling and playing with the playbook is about it. They currently sit on a nine-game losing streak, which is tied for the longest single-season losing streak in league history with the S6 San Francisco Bulldogs who started their season 1-2 before dropping nine straight and the St. Louis Gladiators just last season, who started 2-1 before dropping nine straight.