By Chris Colon, Hunter Jones, and Zack Sandlin

Offensive Player of the Week

QB Ron Cockren (Alaska): 33/40, 82.5% completion, 387 yards, 7 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 146.2 QBR

Alaska Storm quarterback Ron Cockren played lights out this week. With season highs in yards and touchdowns, Cockren easily put together his best performance this season. While on the surface, it looks like Cockren is having a bit of a down season with him being outside the top five in both passing yards and touchdowns after finishing second in both categories in seasons 10 and 11, Cockren still leads the league in both QBR (107.6) and completion percentage (76.05%).

Honorable Mention

QB Thomas Ramen (Las Vegas): 28/38, 73.7% completion, 397 yards, 6 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 146.6 QBR

Las Vegas Fury quarterback Thomas Ramen lit up the Indianapolis Spitfire defense, throwing for 397 yards and six touchdowns, both career highs. Fun fact, Ramen scored a higher QBR than Cockren with 146.6, while Cockren’s was rounded up from an original score of 146.56. But, unfortunately, that alone wasn’t enough to beat out Cockren for OPOTW. While Ramen’s numbers on the season aren’t eye-popping, he’s certainly gotten better from last season. He’s currently tied for fifth in yards per attempt and is third in the league in QBR with a season score of 105.1 after a 74.1 rating in season 11, third worst that season. That 31-point improvement is by far the highest mark in the league.

Defensive Player of the Week

Brady Clarke (Oklahoma City): 5 tackles and 3 interceptions

It’s not easy getting one I think. Brady got three in a game that was well played. Adding five tackles which meant he wasn’t just ball hawking. Brady was also bringing down the ball carrier. Brady covered his man and took down players as needed. He simply had the QB’s number and it showed. Which is why he is a Co-Defensive Player of The Week for week 12

Charles Ball (Tulsa): 17 total tackles, 13 solo tackles, 4 assisted tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 1 pass deflection and 1 interception

Simply put Charles Ball-ed out this week. He was everywhere. All over the field bringing down the ball carrier. Charles is the Co-Defensive Player of The Week because of his spectacular play.

Honorable Mentions

Kevin Bane (Alaska): 2 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 2 sacks and 2 tackles for loss

This season Bane has been playing out of his mind. Getting to the quarterback 14.5 times before week 10. Now sitting at 16.5 sacks on the season and can add onto his total. It is no shock to see Bane getting an HM nod for his week 10 performance. Congrats big man.

A.J. Levye (Sioux Falls): 5 tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 2 tackle for loss, 2 pass deflection and 1 interception

Levye was an all around player this week. Playing really well and balanced. He gets an HM nod this week.

Special Teams Player of the Week

Charles Ball (Tulsa): 2 PR, 10 yds; 8 KR, 263 yds, 1 TD (95)

Mr. Ball certainly balled out as the Desperados edged out the Knights this week. Ball managed to consistently put his team in good field position as he was averaging 32.9 yds per return. Add to that a 95 yd kick return for a TD and you’ve got quite the special performance that certainly made the difference in a tight game like the Tulsa/London game was this week.

Honorable Mention:
Ashley Finch (Vancouver) 2/2, 43 yd long

Mrs. Finch was pretty much automatic in a close contest against SXF this week. Her two field goals kept Vancouver within striking distance in a game that was ultimately decided by just one score.