By Zach Sandlin 

Welcome back to the “Writers Round-Up” as we review how the behind-the-scenes betting of the SFL Beat Writers has gone. Last week, I came forth with my research and exposed this underground ring and the scandalous hobby and how things have gone thus far. This week is much easier as we’re just looking at the one week rather than all of them. This week threw everyone for a loop, even the great Thomas Paterniti as this seemed to be the week of wild and wacky upsets. Lot of points were collected off of upsets this week as all but 4 of the “pickers” correctly guessed an upset. The most common ones picked were SXF and VAN, with 2 other people picking TAL, and then 1 vote each for CAR and ATL. Many people also lost points as both QCC and MXC lost in probably the most surprising upset of the season so far. With that said, here are the standings after this rollercoaster of a week of games.

1. Jeff M – 23
2. Ray Bentley – 20
3. Andy Hamilton – 20
4. Hunter – 19
5. Roby – 18
6. Doyle – 17
7. Christian – 17
8. Shady -15
9. Chris Colon – 12
10. Merrick – 11
11. Brandon – 8
12. Jet – 8
13. Tom – 6

Tune in next week to see how the standings have changed.