We are nearing the two-thirds mark in the season. The playoff picture is for the first time becoming a forefrontal issue and teams are quickly nearing areas where they’ll have clinched a playoff birth – or have been eliminated all together from those possibilities. We won’t waste anymore time here, you already know the drill.

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Denver Nightwings
7 - 0 (+1)Denver finally got the #1 spot. The only undefeated team for the last few weeks yet there was always enough doubt to put them #2 a lot. This week, however, a Mexico City loss opened the door and they took advantage. In a game that I’m sure left most Nightwings fans ready to about have a heart attack, they managed to scrape by Houston 9-7 to keep the streak alive. At 7-0, they’d essentially have to lose out to miss the playoffs and even that isn’t guaranteed.
2Baltimore Vultures
5 - 2 (+2)The Vultures are dialed in and have been rolling ever since dropping to Tallahassee three weeks ago. Winning every game since, they carry a mistake-free offense and the top scoring defense into a rematch versus the Pride. Thomas Paterniti's crew seems to be clicking on all cylinders as they hit the stretch run of the regular season.
3Tallahassee Pride
4 - 3 (+3)Tallahassee finally got the monkey off their back and proved both to themselves and to everyone else that they can, in fact, beat Alaska as they toppled the Storm 24-23 in a gritty performance on the road. Down 6 with less than 2 minutes remaining, QB Christian Christiansen led the pride on a 79 yard scoring drive culminating in a clutch 13 yard TD pass to TE Ty Norris with only 11 seconds remaining, a drive that will no doubt live on forever in Pride lore. The league does Tallahassee no favors as they host Baltimore this week in a rematch of an earlier season contest which they won easily.
4Mexico City Aztecs
6 - 2 (-3)Mexico City, in perhaps an ominous preview of what would transpire on Canada field Monday night, came out sluggish against a hungry Dallas team and got their doors absolutely blown off in a 58-39 defeat that (believe it or not) wasn’t even that close. The Aztecs got pummeled just about every way imaginable, on the ground, through the air, in pass protection, in the return game. This is one of those games where they’ll likely burn the tape and try to forget this nightmare ever happened, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Ramos wakes up suddenly in a cold sweat thinking about it once or twice before the season is over.
5Alaska Storm
4 - 3 (0)For Tallahassee, their 24-23 win over Alaska was franchise-defining, the first time they have managed to defeat the Storm in a long series of big games between the two powerhouses. For Alaska, the loss stings, but is just another tough loss in a season with game after game against tough opponents. They’ll get back to work and keep trying to improve this week against a Mexico City team that is itself looking to rebound from a disappointing loss.
6Dallas Lobos
5 - 3 (+3)A 55+ point game is a feat rarely accomplished in a franchise’s entire history. Dallas has officially put the league on notice by accomplishing exactly that in two consecutive games, this week with a 58-39 shellacking of previously top-ranked Mexico City. Both their passing and rushing games looked unstoppable, and while their defense looked as shaky as ever, if they continue to score at their current rate, this may be a moot point. No one is looking forward to playing the Lobos – that is for sure.
7Queen City Corsairs
5 - 2 (-4)In a week of surprising upsets, Queen City throws their name into the hat with a head-scratching loss to a Vancouver team that seemed mired in mediocrity. The Corsairs offense actually played well, but the Legion had their defense scouted to a “T”, and forced the Corsairs into an uncharacteristically bad performance. Queen City hasn’t gone anywhere, make no mistake. Games like this happen in the SFL, but the Corsairs will surely be redoubling their efforts this week to ensure that a repeat performance doesn’t occur.
8Chicago Wildcats
4 - 3 (0)Chicago had the week off this week and next week look to rebound from their loss against Denver with a win against Oklahoma City. At 4-3, Chicago is in that window of in the playoff hunt but nowhere near safe, there are six 3-4 teams, one of them being Oklahoma City. If a couple of them win and Chicago lose, they’d be in a very tight window for the playoff hunt. They have a tough slate to end the season as well, so Chicago needs to stack up wins now.
9New Orleans Pharaohs
5 - 3 (-2)New Orleans lost to Sioux Falls, snapping a three-game win streak for the Pharaohs. The Pharaohs now sit at 5-3 and while still looking good to make the playoffs, they can’t afford a late season collapse. Fortunately for the Pharaohs, they have a favorable schedule to end the season. That late-season slate starts with Atlanta next week.
10Vancouver Legion
3 - 4 (+2)Vancouver, fresh off a disappointing loss to the Fury, makes a big statement with an absolute beat down of a very good Queen City team, 37-24. This marks their third win of the season, all of which have happened at home, and all by either 37 or 38 points. If only they can bottle whatever Canadian magic is residing in that stadium and take it on the road with them, they could make a run at the postseason.
11Las Vegas Fury
3 - 4 (-1)Las Vegas is one of the few teams that still appears to lack an identity. They have numerous tier one players and they've knocked off some league heavyweights (Baltimore), but they've also lost some real headscratchers (Atlanta) while getting absolutely blown out by other top competition (Alaska). The Fury have a real ability to recapture their early season magic and get hot for a potential playoff run. They need to work on maintaining consistent play and not dropping games that they shouldn't.
12Sioux Falls Sparrows
3 - 4 (+3)Sioux Falls is finally starting to look like Sioux Falls again. After a very bad 1-4 start, the Sparrows have pulled off a two-game win streak now and have a chance to hit .500 next week. Unfortunately, they’ll have their hands full as next week they play Queen City. They have one of the softer schedules to end the season so they should have ample opportunity to sneak back into the playoffs.
13San Francisco Sharks
4 - 4 (+1)San Francisco continues to take advantage of a weak schedule. However, despite their lack of high end competition, they are taking care of business. Despite a late week personnel change for the St. Louis Gladiators, the Sharks were still able to scrape out a narrow victory. San Francisco may not be ready to make a deep run, but they certainly have the personnel and gameplanning ability to sneak into the dance.
14London Knights
3 - 4 (+2)London all of a sudden feels like a team that can make some noise down the stretch. They're 3-4 with the fourth-ranked scoring offense and the twelfth-ranked scoring defense with some high end talents in Rob Roby and Reggie Streeter along with players who could be in line for gaining some accolades in Slinn Shady and Nathan Blake. London is on the up and up - they aren't quite there yet, but they're on the peripheral of the playoff picture and is probably a team most teams don't want to face in the next few weeks after they've managed to put on some very impressive performances in the last month (blowing out a good Chicago team and a team that has been very up and down in Oklahoma City).
15Oklahoma City Renegades
3 - 4 (-4)Speaking of Oklahoma City, the Renegades have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the league. The one constant they have is that they get into shootouts and then it's a tossup from that point as to who comes out ahead. Deacon Nickens, JW Doyle, and Tybeerious Bovine have been one of the best big threes in the whole league on weeks where they've all showed up. They have a good chance to all be showing up more often than when they don't down the stretch because their schedule really lightens up. The playoffs aren't even close to being out of the picture for this team.
16Atlanta Swarm
3 - 5 (+2)Atlanta held off a late rally by Las Vegas to hold onto a 38-34 win in what will likely go down as one of the greatest SFL games of the season. Atlanta has played as brutal a schedule as anyone, and are surely better than their 3-5 schedule would indicate. They’re 8th in the league in offense, but also lead the league with an astonishing 3.5 turnovers per game, and it’s tough to play great defense or win games that way. If they can mitigate the self-inflicted wounds at all, they have a shot to finish their season out strong.
17Tulsa Desperadoes
3 - 4 (-4)Tulsa's season took a major turn downwards last Friday after falling under .500 and losing to Carolina by double digits after leading by multiple possessions in the first quarter. This team has some real gamechangers in AJ Jackson and Charles Ball, even carrying the league's sack leader in Gib Leedoo and has the ability to get themselves back in the playoff picture. That being said, this team hasn't been passing the eye test all season and is coming off just a really rough past four weeks (double digit loss to Carolina, 38-point loss to Queen City, 8-point loss to Atlanta, and a 3-point victory over St. Louis). Time will tell if Dion Hawkins can get his unit back on track.
18Carolina Skyhawks
3 - 5 (+2)Just a week after a completely demoralizing loss to the New Orleans Pharaohs that lead off a very tumultous week for the franchise, Carolina pulled off a much-needed win over the Desperados. This game goes to show that despite the overall direction the team has taken the season, they have some really good players. Mark Biddix can be an inconsistent and sometimes limited quarterback but his performance versus Tulsa shows that he still has it, especially with talents such as Harish Prasad and Dupree Hudson on the outside. At the end of the day, for a team that's playing the long game, the continued development of Offensive Coordinator LB Allen has to be the biggest takeaway from this past week. The confidence from this game should be great for momentum moving forwards.
19Houston Hyenas
2 - 6 (-2)Houston adds another narrow loss to their schedule this season, at this point it’s becoming more routine than a morning shower. In every game this season for Houston, they’ve been decided by 12 points or less, five of them having seven points or less. Houston would have to win out and even then it’s unlikely they make the playoffs. However they can potentially spoil a couple of other teams’ seasons.
20Indianapolis Spitfire
2 - 6 (-1)Dang. It's been a rough month for the Indianapolis Spitfire. Since catching absolute fire in a demolition of Tulsa and London, they barely beat a Renegades team by three, lost by ten points for a second time this season to San Francisco and then they got their butt absolutely handed to them in back to back weeks by the Alaska Storm and Baltimore Vultures. Former owner James Richards has officially left the team in all capacities and star DT EZ Tempel (who was probably the DPOY frontrunner) has been released for UDFA Brandon Haight. Indianapolis has now fallen to 2-6 and is all but out of the playoff picture. It really makes you wonder what's in store in the near future for this franchise and what changes may be coming.
21St. Louis Gladiators
1 - 7 (0)Since winning against Dallas in week one, St. Louis has now lost seven in a row. Their most recent loss was a 21-16 loss to San Francisco. At 1-7, there’s no shot at making the playoffs but their schedule to end the season does give them a chance to steal a couple wins and head into next season with some momentum.