By Matt Burnham

Matt: First off, congrats on the POTW award. You’ve definitely made a name for yourself in this league with your performances in these first weeks of the season. In your game against Dallas, you ran for 242 yards and 3 touchdowns. In your game against St. Louis, which you’ve been recognized for, you ran 198 yards for 4 touchdowns. Do you think that this Denver team has allowed you to meet your full potential on the field?
McChesney: Absolutely. I knew Denver was the best place for me coming out of the draft last year. They have a great culture, great coaching and ownership, and a run first style of play that allows me to go out and do what I do best.

McChesney really has been a class act this season.

Matt: Comparing stats from your first game of this season to the most recent, you’ve been steadily increasing in yardage and scoring, while maintaining an average of about 25-26 carries a game. How do you feel about the pass/rush balance of the Denver offense in its current state? Are you always looking to get more carries or do you feel like you can work at your optimum capacity where you’ve been all season?
McChesney: I think the balance has been great! I really feel Jeremy and BJ put our offense in the best position to win game in and game out. And with my current build and play style, I feel like no matter how many times I touch the ball I am going to make a huge impact on the game. I believe the numbers show that I have fewer carries then a lot of the top rushers in the league, yet I’m averaging north of 6 yards per rush.

Matt: Personally, I think it’s a tribute to your ability to do more with less that has helped Denver get this far. Currently sitting at 5-0, your team has been coming out extremely strong in this stage of the season. What do you think has clicked for the Nightwings so far and what, if anything, would you like to see more or less of from the play calling?
McChesney: I appreciate the kind words sir. I think it’s really a combination of things. Obviously, the game planning and playbooks have been on point this season. Also, our player progression from myself and some of the other guys we had last season has been huge and our offseason acquisitions have really come through for us in clutch situations, specifically Kramer Jackson our kicker and Hiapo Kinloha our TE. Other than that, this team has just come together in a big way. Everyone roots for each other and we all just want to do our parts to continue to make plays and keep building this winning culture.
As far as the play calling goes, the only thing I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of is some play action passing. Using me as a decoy to try and open up some big plays down field.

Matt: You seem to have a good mix of power and speed at 5’ 11”, 225 pounds. What kind of running back do you see yourself as, (i.e. power-back, speed-back, all-purpose)?
McChesney: Well even though I got some burners in the open field, I see myself more as a power back than anything. You won’t see me juking guys, spinning like a ballerina, or running east and west. I’m a north and south, downhill runner who loves the contact. There’s no better feeling than trucking a defender into oblivion.

McChesney played well, as a rookie , without really shining completely.

Matt: My original question mentioned that I saw you as a power-back, but I didn’t want to put words in your mouth so I edited it a bit [laughs]. Glad I got it right! Now, in your eyes, to what degree can the receiving core and the running core rely on each other as an offensive unit, and vice-versa?
McChesney: [Laughs] Absolutely correct man. Okay let’s do it! I think for me I have the utmost faith in those guys. I really think we have the most underrated receiving corps in the SFL. I think they get overlooked a lot because of the way we’re running the ball. But I feel in crucial passing situations that they are going to make big plays when called upon. Whether it’s ol’ timer Keel working the sidelines, Triple H over the seams and over the middle, or Jockamo Jones downfield, Josh Miller does a great job of sharing the love and getting everybody involved. And they know they can count on me to go out and get that first down or TD in short yardage situations.

Matt: Any last words on the award, your team, the league, or anything at all?
McChesney: Winning the award was special, but what’s more special is this team. I love this league and I love my team. The Denver Nightwings have arrived baby!!

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