By Zach Sandlin 

Hello and welcome to slightly past the halfway point of the season wrap up of the SFL Beat Writers’ Weekly Pick ‘em League! What a mouthful. I’ve been working deep undercover among the secret gambling ring known as the Weekly Pick ‘em, where the beat writers place sizable bets on who their picks for the winners of that week’s games are. It has been a very enlightening experience. I have finally decided to come forth with my findings and reveal how the Pick ‘em “League” if you can call it that, has been shaking out.

The way this gambling exercise works is that each participant is allowed the opportunity to choose 2 winners from the week’s slate of games (whether they be favourites or not) and 1 upset from the list of ‘Underdawgz’ provided by one of the ring leaders, who goes by the name of Andrew ‘DPP’ Rastelli.

Scoring System

1 point – Picking a correct favourite

2 points – Picking a correct Underdawg

This group of miscreants are currently moving on to their Week 8 picks. There are 13 participants in this ring of madness. 3 of them have only been around since Week 6, as it’s popularity seems to be growing.

Going into Week 8, the standings are as follows:
1. Jeff ‘Melonshine’ Melinyshyn – 20 points
2. Hunter ‘Indy’ Jones – 18 points
3. ‘In Bounds’ Andy Hamilton – 18 points
4. Ray ‘The Altered Beast’ Bentley – 17 points
5. J.W ‘OKC’ Doyle – 16 points
6. Christian ‘Christiansen-Christiansen’ Christiansen – 14 points
7. Matthew ‘Shady’ Slinn – 13 points
8. Roby ‘Mix’ Roby – 12 points
9. Chris ’93 Reasons’ Colon – 10 points
10. ‘Cold’ Merrick Itera – 9 points
11. Tom ‘New Guy’ Shaffer – 6 points
12. ‘Huggable’ Brandon Haight – 5 points
13. Jet ‘Fire’ Christie – 4 points

Certain patterns have also emerged in these individuals’ betting patterns. Shady tends to pick underdawgz and hope that they will net him a big score. High risk, high reward strategy, with current limited success. Ray, in his hubris, has picked MXC to win every week. So far, it has paid off for him fairly well. Relative newcomers Brandon, Tom, and Jet have picked pretty solid the past couple weeks, in their bid to catch up to the others. Looking at patterns, it would seem there is not much of a pattern present to any one person’s picks. Certain members consistently choose their own squad, but otherwise, it would seem that the picks are based on a “gut feeling” or personal opinion of the matchup. ALK, TAL, and MXC have been pretty consistent picks this year, and it would seem for fairly good reason. The trend of DEN being the surprise team of this season seems to have also taken hold amongst the betters. They all look on with bated breath to see when the unbeaten team shall fall, and everyone wants to be the one that gets to say, “I told you so!” when they pick the game that they lose. It would seem that these ruffians prefer to size up the match-ups for the week, and then pick which team they deem to be superior.

Week 8 Picks 

Bentley – Mexico City, San Francisco Upset Vancouver

Shady – Alaska, Mexico City Upset Vancouver

Christian – Mexico City, Baltimore Upset Tallahassee

Andy – Vancouver, Baltimore Upset Las Vegas

Jeff – Tulsa, Denver Upset Sioux Falls

Merrick – Queen City, Las Vegas Upset Sioux Falls

Hunter – Queen City, Mexico City Upset Oklahoma City

Chris C – Alaska, New Orleans Upset Carolina

Roby – London, Baltimore Upset Vancouver

Brandon – New Orleans, Baltimore Upset Tallahassee

Jet – Denver, San Francisco Upset Atlanta

Doyle and Shaffer haven’t got their picks in yet, which is ‘A bold strategy Cotton, let’s hope it works out for them’.

Tune in next Saturday iht/Sunday morning for more on the SFL Beat Writers’ Pick ‘Em.