By Thomas Paterniti


Week 7 Review


Let’s first take a look at how last week went down before we move on to the next one…


Vancouver at Las Vegas (+1) – Vancouver favored by 1 | Actual: Las Vegas won by 16

Tallahassee at Mexico City (-4) – Mexico City favored by 4 | Actual: Mexico City won by 9

Tulsa at Queen City (-7) – Queen City favored by 7 | Actual: Queen City won by 38

London at Houston (-1) – Houston favored by 1 | Actual: Houston won by 4

St. Louis at Dallas (-9) – Dallas favored by 9 | Actual: Dallas won by 11

Indianapolis at Alaska (-12) – Alaska favored by 12 | Actual: Alaska won by 24

Denver at Chicago (-7) – Chicago favored by 7 | Actual: Denver won by 7

Atlanta at Sioux Falls (+1) – Atlanta favored by 1 | Actual: Sioux Falls won by 13

Carolina at New Orleans (-9) – New Orleans favored by 9 | Actual: New Orleans won by 31

San Francisco at Baltimore (-5)* – Baltimore favored by 5 | Actual: Baltimore by 27


Overall: 7-3

Best Bets: St. Louis at Dallas, London at Houston, Tallahassee at Mexico City

Bad Beats: Denver at Chicago, Atlanta at Sioux Falls


Not a bad week at all for amateur prognostication, but like any good coach, I’m not going to rest on my laurels. It’s time to get back to work!


Week 7 Betting Lines



Week 8 features a marquee matchup between Tallahassee and Alaska as well as a number of other intriguing games, most notably a prime time contest between Mexico City and Dallas. Players are progressing, coaches are growing, and teams are starting to resemble what their owners and staff envisioned when they put their rosters together. Teams atop the standings will be looking to cement their playoff position while those in the middle will be trying to edge their way into the tournament. I predict some exciting matchups between teams on the bubble and a few surprising blowouts by two of the top teams.


Friday, 6 pm CT

Carolina at Tulsa (-4) – Tulsa favored by 4

Both teams are coming off of huge losses and looking to turn things around. Look for Carolina to keep it relatively close, but fall short.


Saturday, 7 pm CT

Tallahassee at Alaska (-5) – Alaska favored by 5

Alaska has been the one nut that Tallahassee just can’t crack. Will they figure the Storm out this week? I wouldn’t count on it.


Sunday, 3 pm CT

London at Oklahoma City (-3) – Oklahoma City favored by 3

In a classic clash of styles between high flying London and ground-and-pound Oklahoma City, look for JW Doyle and the Renegades to impose their will on the Knights.


New Orleans at Sioux Falls (+7) – New Orleans favored by 7

Who can run more swing passes to their HB? First one to 20 wins!


Baltimore at Indianapolis (+9)* – Baltimore favored by 9

Baltimore has been surging over the last month, beating the teams that pose real threats to them and blowing out teams that do not. Indy has cooled off in recent weeks and could be in for some trouble against a very meticulous Baltimore team.

*Betting line and write-up courtesy of Christian Christiansen


Houston at Denver (-9) – Denver favored by 9

Houston’s defense is solid, but they throw a lot of INTs, and Denver just happens to force a lot of INTs, so this could be a long day for the Hyenas.


Sunday, 7 pm CT

Mexico City at Dallas (+12) – Mexico City favored by 12

This may seem like a bold prediction considering Dallas’ prolific offense, but Mexico City also has a prolific offense, and Dallas allowing 48 points to a team that Mexico City shut out does not bode well for them. This is a bad matchup for Dallas – look for a surprising blowout.


Monday, 7 pm CT

Las Vegas at Atlanta (+4) – Las Vegas favored by 4

Atlanta has shown that their offense can hang with anyone, but their defense is just plain bad, and they will struggle to contain the Fury.


San Francisco at St. Louis (+10) – San Francisco favored by 10

St. Louis has struggled to stop anyone, allowing 46 points per game in their last 3 games. It’s tough to beat anyone that way. Look for San Francisco and the fighting Gabriel Mannings to have a field day against the Gladiators.


Queen City at Vancouver (+9) – Queen City favored by 9

Queen City is really rolling now, and Vancouver hasn’t showed that they have what it takes to slow that train down at all. Look for Ash Odom to feast on the Legion in prime time.