Ken Gossett, Hunter Jones, Thomas Paterniti, Christian Pundt

What an eventful week. Many teams are now halfway through their season and we have decided to do something special to commemorate such an occasion on the Power Rankings team: we will now be moving to Thursdays to better accommodate our audience. Yes we know, you are all excited. And, from the bottom of our hearts, you are welcome.

Oh yeah. The curse lives on. No team ranked #1 in the Power Rankings have won the following week.

Preseason – Alaska – L vs. BAL 23-10

Week 1 – Baltimore – L @ LV 31-30

Week 2 – Las Vegas – BYE

Week 3 – Las Vegas – L vs. TAL 31-20

Week 4 – Baltimore – L vs. TAL 38-27

Week 5 – Alaska – L @ BAL 24-16

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Mexico City Aztecs
5 - 1 (+2)Mexico City for the second straight week won by 40+ and notched a shutout, only the eighth shutout in league history, and they’ve had two in a row. While some would say they aren’t against the best of teams, it’s still impressive, nonetheless. They haven’t allowed a point in the month of February so far, however that streak may end this week, as they’ll be taking on the perennial powerhouse Tallahassee in what should be the matchup of the week.
2Denver Nightwings
5 - 0 (0)Denver gets a bye this week and is able to watch other teams fall off around them as they sit idle at an impressive 5-0. They’ll face a huge test this week in Chicago, the best team they will have faced to date this season, and they’ll really have to be sharp to move to 6-0.
3Queen City Corsairs
4 - 1 (+1)The Corsairs are coming off a bye week and will carry over their top tier status into week seven. Queen City stands at 4-1 with the thirteenth ranked scoring offense and third ranked scoring defense in the league. AJ Caswell has arguably been the best QB in the league with a 10:2 TD:INT ratio (an ASTOUNDING number), but Ash Odom continues his borderline disappointing season with a 3.8 yards per tote (second worst in the league). This might just be a scary number however. It's hard to believe Odom won't right his season and, if he does that, then that means Queen City will be able to find ANOTHER gear. Nearly halfway through the season, this may be the best Erik Barkley team since his last championship unit.
4Tallahassee Pride
3 - 2 (+2)Only a few teams seem to have Tallahassee a little more figured out than the rest of the league. One of those teams is Alaska; the other is Dallas. The Lobos made this one interesting, but Tallahassee was able to pull out the win 38-31. With that win they move to 3-2, they seem to have found themselves finally this season, and are right back in the thick of the playoff hunt.
5Baltimore Vultures
3 - 2 (+3)Alaska Storm SLAYERS. Thomas Paterniti's team has now swept the reigning undefeated two-time championships in their games this season. When the lights have come on this season, the Dazzos and T-Roy Gaines have really turned their game up. Baltimore hasn't always been passing the eye test this season and got beaten up by what looks like a rejuvinated Tallahassee unit, but when this team is clicking they look like a team capable of making a very deep playoff run, if not taking their own shot at a title.
6Alaska Storm
3 - 2 (-5)The Storm are in a weird spot. Normally, they are out making their opponents look small and marginal. Baltimore, has really turned the tables on them in this regard. Both times that the Storm have played the Vultures, they've really been reduced to an everyday SFL team. It does leave a little to wonder with Alaska's track record this season. Two losses to an up-and-down (mostly up) Baltimore team, two wins over some quickly falling off formerly top tier teams, but a blowout win over Tallahassee. We're sure the Storm will be fine but there's certainly reason for skepticism, despite their middle of the pack offense and #2 ranked scoring defense that's probably been the league's most effective.
7New Orleans Pharaohs
4 - 2 (0)Where did that come from? New Orleans, who has been hard carried by the golden arm of Xander Gold and the All-SFL Deezer Powell so far this season, came out and dropped 277 rushing yards on a Las Vegas that as recently as three weeks ago ranked #1 in the Power Rankings. Logan Jack looks to be the push this team needs to truly be a championship contender, giving the Pharaohs another option on Gold's tough nights and allowing them to more effectively control the clock. Despite being ranked around the middle of the pack scoring-wise on both sides of the ball, they have a "big three" of players that will be in mix for awards this season and a formidable overall team that looks like it will be difficult to stop moving forwards. Given the way the top 1/3 of the rankings shaked out and how quickly the Fury have been falling off, New Orleans wasn't able to move up this week. They are definitely a stronger team than they were last week in our eyes and, if nothing else, this rankings indicates that the top seven is a stronger overall top seven that it has been previously. If we see a couple teams in the 3-6 range drop next week then the Pharaohs can see themselves rise VERY quickly.
8Chicago Wildcats
4 - 2 (-3)Chicago has been a real enigma this season. On the one hand, they have beaten New Orleans and handed both Queen City and Mexico City, both top 5 teams, their only loss this season. On the other hand, they have a 38-3 blowout loss to Vancouver, and this week they added a second similar headscratcher with another 42-14 blowout, this time at the hands of a bottom-of-the-pack London team. Chicago is a team you could see either getting hot and making a deep playoff run or getting bounced in the first round. They play Denver this week, and they’ll have to work on consistency if they hope to hand the Nightwings their first loss of the season.
9Dallas Lobos
3 - 3 (+3)Dallas always play Tallahassee tough, and this week was no exception. They fell a little short in a 38-31 loss to the Pride, but the Lobos are showing they can hang with anyone. If they can turn some of those close losses into victories, they remain a dark horse candidate to make the playoffs, where anything can happen.
10Vancouver Legion
2 - 3 (+3)Vancouver had a bye week last week and look to end a two-game losing skid against a Las Vegas team who is on a three-game skid themselves. Regardless of the outcome, one team will be getting over a losing streak and get one step closer to rebounding from a strong start to the season while the other continues to tumble downwards.
11Tulsa Desperadoes
3 - 2 (-2)Tulsa lost to Atlanta this past week. On the surface, that sounds bad but over the past couple of weeks, while they haven’t been translating to wins, Atlanta had been playing much better. While Tulsa has played against a suspect schedule, they’ve been winning. This week they have a big game against Queen City and a win here could really help bring them to the forefront.
12Oklahoma City Renegades
3 - 3 (+4)After losing an absolute heartbreaker to Indianapolis last week, Oklahoma City rebounded with a win against a struggling Houston. While they have already matched their win total from last season, they’re a bit of a weird team. They’ve alternated wins and losses each season. They have a bye week this week, which may help them break the cycle and start an actual streak against London in week eight.
13Las Vegas Fury
2 - 3 (-3)Las Vegas's plunge down the rankings continue. Despite having an extremely talented roster, it's quite possible that their depth is wearing thin, while the special teams units aren't adequately making up the difference. Most recently, their league-worst rushing defense (and the second-ranked team is a good 30+ yards per game off the pace) let up 277 yards to rookie Logan Jack, letting the Pharaohs run away in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates and allow Jack a platform to announce his arrival to the league. The Fury have the talent to right the ship but really need to get it together fast or else they'll be fighting for scraps in the playoff hunt.
14San Francisco Sharks
3 - 3 (+3)And just like that, San Francisco is .500. They may be really coming together. They have the fifth ranked scoring offense behind the excellent play of Juan Thomas and have been really showing up to play on that side of the ball each and every week. Despite a productive, young secondary, they rank sixteenth in scoring on the other side of the ball. The Sharks really came together as a complete unit last week as they knocked off the red hot Indianapolis Spitfire and completely shut down their 1000-yard 9-touchdown passing attack from the two weeks prior, limiting them to just three meaningful points before garbage time. This was a big win for the Gabriel Manning-era Sharks and if they can keep the pace will see themselves rise up in very short order.
15London Knights
2 - 3 (+4)London is one of two teams this week (the other being Carolina) to make a very impressive turnaround following a huge loss the previous game. The Knights took full advantage of the bye week and shellacked a good Chicago team 42-14. They’ll face a hard-nosed Hyenas defense in week 7 and try to string back-to-back wins together for the first time this season.
16Atlanta Swarm
2 - 4 (+2)Atlanta was able to notch their second win of the season. While a 2-4 record might not sound that great, they’ve gone against quality opponents the past three weeks and managed to keep each game within ten points. Next week Atlanta faces a Sioux Falls team going through their own struggled so this could be a turning point in Atlanta’s season if they can steal a win.
17Sioux Falls Sparrows
1 - 4 (-6)There’s an old saying: “If you only have one trick, it better be a really good trick.” That is especially true in the SFL, and as the Sparrows drop their 3rd straight game, this time to a seemingly hapless Carolina team trying to rebound from a 45-0 beat-down, well this has to feel like an all-time low for Sioux Falls. Their win against Tallahassee remains impressive, but in a league where it seems that teams are figuring them out, they’ll have to either mix up their play-calling a lot more, or just try to run the plays they run better if they hope to reverse this latest trend. They face off against an improving Atlanta team this week that is sure to give them everything they can handle.
18Indianapolis Spitfire
2 - 4 (-4)The Spitfire came crashing back down to Earth last week after being arguably the best overall team in the league for the two weeks prior. Combined with their struggles before that streak and their lack of elite competition, along with many teams near them in the rankings, we had no choice but to give Indianapolis a significant drop. They still rank around the middle of the pack on both sides of the ball, but have the potential to move massively in either direction the rest of the season. If TD Drew and this receiving corps can get back into their well-oiled routine they'll collect some dominant wins here soon and they could really make some noise come playoff time if that is the case.
19Carolina Skyhawks
2 - 4 (+2)*Oof retracted and reassigned to St. Louis* Fresh off their worst loss in franchise history, Carolina bounced back in a big way, handing Sioux Falls a crushing 37-28 loss. The Skyhawks controlled the game from start to finish, and this young team and coaching staff are hoping the progress they saw from last week is indicative of things to come as they square off next against a likely playoff team in New Orleans.
20Houston Hyenas
1 - 5 (-5)Houston has been the worst surprise this season without a doubt. This team has just not been able to win games. The largest point differential in Houston’s games this season was 12 points, they’re in mostly every game they play in, they just can’t seem to finish. A team that can’t finish is always a bit of a depressing surprise. Next week Houston takes on London, hopefully they can get out of this funk and rally together and finish the season strong.
21St. Louis Gladiators
1 - 5 (-1)As expected last week, St. Louis did not pull off what would have probably been the most improbable upset of the season. Instead they added to an improbable run for the Mexico City defense that has now gone two weeks without allowing a single point. Fortunately for St. Louis, they play Dallas this week, a game that in week one the Gladiators won, their lone win of the season. One could argue that the next three games are winnable for St. Louis, so now is a better time than any to get the ball rolling.