Ken Gossett, Hunter Jones, Thomas Paterniti, Christian Pundt

Okay Cam. This whole schedule thing is really making our jobs difficult. There’s been a lot of impressive (and a lot not-so-impressive) teams this season and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out who the better teams are. Now we’re sitting here and hoping we’re not artificially inflating or deflating teams too much based on who we think their opponents are relative to them. It’s all good I guess. Now for your Power Rankings at the one-third mark of this SFL season.

RankTeamRecord (Movement)Recap
1Baltimore Vultures
2 - 1 (+1)Baltimore got the week off this week after beating a solid Sioux Falls team. However, they’ll face a Tallahassee Pride team that last week took down Las Vegas and finally looks like the Pride we’re used to seeing. They’ll get the #1 nod this week, however next week will be pivotal for them to show their dominance.
2Alaska Storm
2 - 1 (+1)Aaaaand no one is worried about the Storm anymore. The two-time defending champions are fresh off two straight weeks of dismantling quality opponents in the Tallahassee Pride and the Sioux Falls Sparrows. Now through the one-third mark in the season, the Storm have the fourth best aggregate scoring ranking throughout the entire league (with probably the most difficult stretch of games through that span). They may not have any true stars this season (or at least so far), but they are still carrying an efficient offense and the top overall scoring defense. They are pretty good.
3Denver Nightwings
4 - 0 (+2)One of the more controversial teams for us to rank this week and a team that certainly created much debate. The Nightwings have been very star heavy so far behind the outstanding play of such players as likely MVP front runner Jarrod McChesney, quarterback Josh Miller, safety Nicholas Warner, and their newly-minted linebacker Mike Sawchuk. The Nightwings have the top ranked scoring offense in the league (and second place isn't all that close to Jeremy Vega's side) but have produced a very mediocre defensive unit. The one thing holding them down compared to their fellow heavy swingers on the food chain is their strength of schedule. Conversely, no team looks hotter than the Nightwings as they are the last undefeated team and in great position to go 5-0 into their bye week, which is always a nice feeling. Flex Jeremy, flex.
4Queen City Corsairs
3 - 1 (0)The Queen City Corsairs dominated the Skyhawks despite the score indicating otherwise. On offense, they did what they wanted. Running back Ash Odom averaged 4.9 yards per carry with 151 rushing yards and quarterback AJ Caswell only had six incompletions with zero turnovers. On defense, they completely shut down a struggling Skyhawks offense, only giving up one touchdown.
5Mexico City Aztecs
3 - 1 (+1)Mexico City played sloppy at times, but it was still plenty to defeat the Swarm 37-27 in a game that was 37-20 with just 2 minutes left. HB Ray Bentley turned in a workmanlike performance with 22 carries for 94 yards and 1 TD while QB Matt Willson threw for 292 yards, 3 TDs, but 3 INTs as well. The Aztecs secondary wreaked havoc on Atlanta, intercepting QB Marcus Dunhill 4 times, and the defense overall bent but did not break for most of the game. Mexico City hosts the struggling Skyhawks in week 5 and should roll if they clean up some of the miscues that have plagued their offense.
6Chicago Wildcats
3 - 1 (+4)After an embarrassing performance against Vancouver, Chicago rebounded in a big way with a statement win over a very solid New Orleans team 31-12. QB ET King was deadly efficient going 18 for 24 for 263 yards, 2 TDs, and no INTs, but HB Jared Willis was the real star of the show, rushing for 162 yards and 2 TDs. Chicago hosts a Houston team next that seems to have found their identity in what should prove to be an absolute thriller.
7Las Vegas Fury
2 - 1 (-6)Las Vegas HB Robert Redford isn’t used to sharing the backfield with anyone, much less with a star DT and two star DEs on the opposing side of the field. But that is exactly how the Fury’s last game shook out with QB Thomas Ramen being sacked 7 times in a 31-20 loss that was even more lopsided than the final score would seem to indicate. Ramen was efficient despite the bullying he received, going 13 for 17 for 179 yards, 2 TDs, and no INTs, but HB Robert Redford struggled, managing only 40 yards on 16 carries. The league has done Las Vegas no favors, as they must travel to Alaska next and win in their place if they hope to avoid losing two in a row.
8New Orleans Pharaohs
2 - 2 (-1)New Orleans went from being one of the most impressive looking teams through the first two weeks of the season to being .500. Small sample sizes. Despite being 2-2, the Pharaohs still carry the fifth ranked scoring offense and a middle of the pack defense. That tends to be a recipe for success and behind the MVP-caliber play of Xander Gold, we fully expect them to right the ship.
9Tallahassee Pride
1 - 2 (+2)Against number 1 ranked Las Vegas, Tallahassee delivered a resounding message to the league that reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated, defeating the Fury 31-20 in a game that was not as close as the score would indicate. HB AJ Francis was the workhorse the Pride needed, amassing 119 yards and 3 TDs on 30 carries, while QB Christian Christiansen was an efficient 17 for 22 for 269 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT. DT EJ DeCue and DEs Hunter Norwood and Taqwuan Hale took over the game, sacking QB Thomas Ramen 7 times. Tallahassee must travel to Baltimore next, but they have to be feeling much better about the matchup after notching their first win of the season the way they did against a quality opponent.
10Tulsa Desperadoes
3 - 1 (+3)The Desperadoes are probably the quietest 3-1 team in the entire league, barely sneaking into the top ten in these rankings. Sure, their schedule hasn't been the most intimidating, but this doesn't take away from how Tulsa has looked as a team so far. They look to have found their franchise quarterback in rookie AJ Jackson, who through the first four games of the season has a QBR over 100. Pairing that with a defense that ranks in the top in scoring and is being lead by the outstanding play of Gib Leedoo, this team looks very underrated.
11Sioux Falls Sparrows
1 - 3 (-2)After two straight weeks of really getting their playbooks handed back to them, it's probably getting close to time for the Sparrows to be getting worried. Their offense has largely been struggling and is one of the worst performing scoring units and has gone horizontal way too many times this season. They still have a very impressive win over the Pride in the rear view mirror, but in a “what have you done for me lately?” league, that win won't be getting nearly as much respect as it probably deserves moving forward.
12Vancouver Legion
2 - 2 (-4)While the Vancouver Legion did lose a heartbreaker to the Houston Hyenas, they’re still 2-2 and didn’t look at all bad in their loss. However, giving up three offensive touchdowns to a team that previously had zero is a bad look nonetheless. Legion Quarterback Tom Pepper threw three touchdowns had had an 80.1 percent completion percentage, however four interceptions are what really cost the Legion.
13Houston Hyenas
1 - 3 (+4)Finally, the Houston Hyenas are in the win column. They were looking like a completely different team than they were last season where they made the semi-finals, however they finally got those two giant monkeys off their back. A win and finally an offensive touchdown, three to be exact. Next week the Hyenas have a chance to make a statement if they can pull off the upset in Chicago.
14Dallas Lobos
2 - 2 (-2)Another season, another high octane Lobos offense that can't stop the other team from doing the same to them. In short, the early judgment on Dallas is that they are a better version of the previous teams they have rolled out. They've had some very nice quarterbacking play from newly-signed Jacques Luyindula and a nice win earlier this season over Tulsa, but they have two bad losses to St. Louis and Denver, and a win that really should've been wider to be considered for a higher spot in these rankings.
15Oklahoma City Renegades
2 - 2 (+3)The Oklahoma City Renegades won a thriller against the San Francisco Sharks. While the Renegades did give up a lead to allow the Sharks a chance at a comeback, credit goes to the Renegades to hanging in and pulling out a win. All without handing the ball off to running back JW Doyle once (caught a lateral pass that went down as a -3 yard run).
16San Francisco Sharks
2 - 2 (-2)For a team that just replaced its quarterback, the Sharks offense played well. Quarterback Juan Thomas III threw three touchdowns and no picks for 459 yards. The defense, however, was completely unable to stop the fierce Renegade passing attack. While they were able to force two interceptions, they also allowed four touchdowns and two two-hundred-yard receivers. Two.
17Indianapolis Spitfire

1 - 3 (+4)Indianapolis came out guns blazing on a Friday night and stunned the Knights and the league by throttling London 48-14, and it wasn’t even that close. Spitfire QB T.D. Drew threw for an astonishing 573 yards and 6 TDs, while on defense E.Z. Temple recorded 2 sacks. Whatever Indianapolis found on the field Friday, they will try to replicate this week against a hard-nosed OKC team that looks much more solid on the field lately than they looked on paper at the beginning of the season.
18London Knights
1 - 3 (-3)After an exhilarating win the previous week, London ran into a meat grinder this week in a suddenly hot Spitfire team that shredded them for 640 yards and 48 points in a 48-14 beat down during a Friday night showcase game. QB Rob Roby struggled to get into rhythm, and while HB Reggie Streeter had a nice game with 137 yards and 2 TDs, for London it was like bringing a knife to a gun fight… or perhaps Indianapolis was content to let the Knights run out the clock for them. In any case, London has to sit on this one for another week as they enter a bye before a tough matchup against Chicago in week 6.
19Atlanta Swarm
1 - 3 (-3)Atlanta outgained Mexico City, but were never really close to outscoring them as they fall 37-27 in week 4. QB Marcus Dunhill tried a volume approach to the passing game, going 22 for 42 with 3 TDs but 4 INTs, while HB BDG Hollywood was largely held in check, whether by Mexico City’s defense or the lopsided score for most of the game, it is hard to say. Of greatest concern for Atlanta is their defense, or lack thereof, as they now carry the distinction of the worst scoring defense in the league, surrendering an alarming 35 points per game. Gold DBs are not walking through that door, but there has to be some optimism that if the Swarm can eliminate some of their own turnovers, they can pull out a win against a Tulsa team that has tended to play down to the level of their opponents in recent weeks.
20Carolina Skyhawks
1 - 3 (-1)While the score only read 20-7, to the average viewer it might as well have ready 40-7. On paper, it doesn’t look bad but Carolina clearly had no answer on defense for Corsairs’ running back Ash Odom and quarterback AJ Caswell. The Skyhawk offense is also still struggling to run the ball, with running back Randy Mercury picking up 18 yards on 13 carries.
21St. Louis Gladiators
1 - 3 (-1)And back they are to #21 after spending most of last season here. The Gladiators have struggled for much of this season, especially defensively, despite their franchise record-pace offensively. While there's a very real reason why the Gladiators are here (losing three straight rough games and not posing an overall menacing team), it's important to note the distinctions between this season's team and last season's team. The offense has been night and day behind the play of #1 overall pick Moody Mitchell who ranks fifth in the league in passing yardage, posting a TD:INT ratio of over 2:1, and is on pace to break many St. Louis season passing records by midseason. It's certainly been some rough sledding for this time so far, but the team has looked loads better than last season and there's very real reason for hope down the stretch of this season and into next.