By Matt Burnham

Editor’s Note: Matt Burnham debuts a new series this week, seeing him interview the special players designated as Players of the Week by the Beat Writing staff. This week, Burnham caught up with New Orleans wide receiver, Deezer Powell, who blew away the Atlanta Swarm in Week 2. Let’s he how they got on…

MB: Thanks so much for doing this interview with me. First off, congrats on your performance for Week 2 and grabbing the Offensive Player of the Week spot. How do you feel about the season so far and about the award in general?
Powell: Thanks, the whole team is off to a great start and the coaches have game planned perfectly, but we have to keep it up. Last season with OKC we started out 2-0 and finished with a losing record. I do believe this team is the best in the SFL at the moment and I don’t see us slowing down.

Powell has 370 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns to his name this season, good for 1st in the SFL.

MB: It’s still early in the season, but you’ve already made quite an impact for New Orleans after making the switch from Oklahoma City. What’s your personal mantra, and do you feel it currently works well with the culture of New Orleans?
Powell: I want to help the team win a championship and I’m glad I’ve been a big part of the offense so far. In New Orleans, we have some guys that have been in the league for a while, and we have some newer guys but we all want the same thing: to win.

MB: What’s the most important thing for you in terms of your staff and how the program that you’re a part of is run?
Powell: Well, I was actually thinking about sitting out for this season, but Xander Gold talked me into joining New Orleans the day after I became a free agent. I’m really happy I joined New Orleans because it’s been a great time. The staff is very active and they are definitely good at what they do.

The addition of Powell to the Pharaoh’s offense seems to have lit a fire in Xander Gold’s belly as he is playing the best football of his young career.

MB: You mentioned that Xander Gold asked you to join the team, so you knew him for at least a little bit before joining up. That being said, how important is that WR/QB connection to the success of your offense as well as the success of the locker room? How do you build that trust?
Powell: I knew him because we played each other twice last season, and the WR/QB connection has been great so far. But even if I have a bad game, I know Wolfe and Jack would put up big numbers. I think that the chemistry will keep growing as the season progresses and the coaches will get even better at coming up with great game plans.

MB: New Orleans is currently 2-0, which is a very strong start for a team. What other 2-0 teams are you looking out for in these next coming weeks?
Powell: We play three 2-0 teams later this season: Chicago, Las Vegas, and Denver. We play Chicago next week, I believe, and I know they got to the championship in Season 9 so we can’t underestimate them.

The Season 11 Pro Bowler was a bright spark in an otherwise dull season for OKC.

MB: Before we go, do you have any last comments or statements, either about the team, the league, or anything at all?
Powell: There’s been some doubts on whether or not we should be number one in the Power Rankings, but sooner or later we’re gonna prove once and for all that we should be at the top.